DIY Cropped Flare Jeans (crop or cut off your old jeans: no sewing!)

I have been wanting to find some kick crop (a.k.a. cropped flare) jeans since last spring. I love my skinny jeans, but I also love the idea of some raw-hem cropped flares that are a little looser. I tried Banana Republic’s Cropped Girlfriend jeans which fit really well and looked great on me, but were just too long. On a person with longer legs they would be absolutely perfect loose/slightly flared crops, but on me they just looked like straight-cut raw-hem jeans. Not what I was going for.


Then I requested some cropped flares or kick crops from Stitch Fix. They sent me a pair in my most recent Fix that had great details like a button fly and raw hem, and they did have a nice feel and stretch, but I just didn’t feel like they were very flattering on me (see photo below).

They just give me too much width at the hips in my opinion.


So I was about to give up, but then I decided to cut off an old pair of Gap bootcut jeans. These jeans are an old favorite of mine, purchased back around the year 2002. Yep, that old. Anyway, I have always liked the way they fit, but I quit wearing them a few years ago because they’re bootcut. I know most stylists and fashion magazines have been saying bootcut is still an option, but they just feel dowdy to me at the moment.


Here’s how the cut-off Gap bootcut jeans turned out:


Pretty good if I do say so myself! I am particularly thrilled because this is not my first attempt at cutting off jeans…. In fact, I’ve tried it a few times before with an old favorite pair of straight-cut Levi’s from around the same era (early 2000’s) and they did not turn out very well. Part of the problem was that I cut them off a bit too high. The other problem is the waist is a little higher and the knees and cuffs are about the same width, so they don’t have a great shape for cropped jeans. These good ‘ole bootcut Gap jeans worked perfectly, though.


Here’s what I did to cut them off:

  1. Put the jeans on.
  2. Roll up (cuff) the bottom of the jeans and then see how the length looks in a full-length mirror. Adjust the cuff as necessary.
  3. Cut a little slit or hole at the bottom of the fold/rolled part to mark the length you want to achieve. Repeat this on the other leg.
  4. Take the jeans off lay them on a flat surface and, using the little cuts you made, cut the jeans straight across.
  5. Put the jeans back on and check the length. If it looks good, you’re done!
  6. **To make them perfect, you’ll want to wash and dry them to make your frayed edge softer.

I had NOT yet washed and dried them in the photos here, so they’re not fraying all that much. I can’t wait to see how much better the edges look once they’re frayed a little more. I did pull a few threads to start making the edges a little stringy. I made sure to cut off the long strings — I prefer just short ones all around.


All in all, they turned out much better than I had expected. I would definitely do this again if I had a similar pair of old jeans.


For those of you who prefer new jeans in this style, though, I rounded up a few options, including the really cute Banana Republic ones I was too short-legged for.


Have you had good luck cropping your own jeans? My luck has mostly been bad, but this time it turned out really good. If you have any tried-and-true tips for cutting off your old jeans, please share!

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Gingham Style (a.k.a., Buffalo Plaid or Checked) Fall Home Decor

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this gingham pumpkin? It’s from Target’s Spritz collection for Fall 2017, and it is SO CUUUUUUTE! You can buy it here for just $5!


Black and white gingham is all the rage in home decor right now. It looks great with everything from modern farmhouse to country to rustic to classic to contemporary style and on and on.


As always, Target is straight up killin’ the game in what’s now, so here are a couple more of their home decor items featuring black and white buffalo check prints.


Here’s a buffalo check throw pillow from Target. I love how it looks in the room below, but was disappointed to see that it was $49.


They also have some buffalo check curtain panels that are pretty sweet. These are more affordable, selling for $24.99 for the pair.


Then there is some larger print buffalo check bedding that I am considering for my bedroom which has pale gray walls, a white duvet, and medium wood tones. I know it looks like it’s for a kids’ room, but I would really like it in my own room!

They even have some peel and stick buffalo plaid wallpaper. Imagine an accent wall done with this print — stunning!


Then there’s also this cute little buffalo check ottoman. It doesn’t come in black and white, which is too bad (I’m all about the b&w buffalo check this fall), but this deep red color is really pretty and would be perfect for holiday decorating! Check out that gold nailhead trim…..


So right now the only black and white buffalo check (or gingham, or whatever you want to call it) I have in my house is my cute little pumpkin, but I’m hoping to add a few more touches here and there in the coming months.


And in closing, I’ll leave you with a little bit of Gingham Style fun from Riley Blake Designs. I should apologize in advance, but I found myself giggling all the way through this for whatever reason. You’ll see what I mean….


Stitch Fix #35 Review — Effortless Cool-Casual

Stitch Fix #35? Really? Doesn’t seem possible, but I can definitely say it’s been fun. Over the past few years, Stitch Fix has really played a part in my getting to know better what my style is and what I’m comfortable wearing. Plus, it has introduced me to some new brands that I have continued to seek outside of Stitch Fix (like my favorite two jeans brands: Mavi and Kut from the Kloth!).


This Fix was a really good and included and I loved all five of the items. If money grew on trees, I’d have kept everything…but well, you know how that goes.


1. Laila Jayde “Layola” Cowl Neck Knit Pullover ($58)

This pullover was incredibly soft and comfortable. I loved the criss-cross hem on the bottom front, and the cowl neck was comfortable without being stuffy. I think I would have kept this if it were a little longer: I already have several casual, athleisure-type pullovers, and I don’t think I would have been able to wear this one over leggings due to the length. It was really cute with jeans, but for me, casual pullovers have to also be able to be worn with leggings.

Verdict: Sent it back


2. ID: 23 “Pollack” One Pocket Henley Top ($38)

At first when I looked at this shirt in the box, I didn’t really like how bright the colors were. In my mind, flannels are typically more muted, darker colors. However, once I tried this on and realized that it was sooooo comfortable, long enough for leggings, looked great with skinny jeans or even dressed up with dressier pants, I “got” it. Both figuratively and literally.

Verdict: Kept it


3. Emily Rose “Armstrong” Zipper Detail Cowl Neck Pullover ($58)

This was another item that I was really close to buying. I love the material (think sweater-type knit) and the color (a gorgeous, rich navy blue). I could totally see wearing this with ripped jeans, but it would also have looked killer with some leather-like jeans and black boots. The only reason I didn’t get it (well, besides the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees) is that although the side zipper is a great detail that adds edge and changes the look of the sweater, that same zipper also sort of bulged out in an awkward way when I had it zipped up. Granted, I could always wear the sweater unzipped — it looked really cool that way — but I didn’t want to be limited just in case.

Verdict: Sent it back


4. Daniel Rainn “Gunther” Abstract Print Mixed Material Blouse ($68)


5. Tinsel “Chiana” Button Crop Bootcut Jean ($48)

Since I tried these on at the same time, I am putting my reviews together in one photo. First, the top: I loved the pattern, colors, and style. Like some of the other items from this Fix, you could wear this top with a skirt or pants to dress it up, or with ripped jeans or skinnies and ankle boots for a more casual look. It’s incredibly versatile and very comfortable. If this had been a lot cheaper I might have kept it. Don’t judge the drape of the shirt by my photo: I tucked it in so you could see the jeans better, but this shirt is gorgeous untucked.


Now for the jeans: I actually requested some kick-crop jeans because I’ve really been wanting to try some. I love their look, and although I think skinnies are here to stay for a while longer, kick crops and cropped flares are going to be a much bigger thing in the coming months. They look great with ankle boots, loafers, and sneakers. Anything, really. So back to this pair: as you can see in the photo, the jeans were really cute, but they did not do my shape any favors. I have extremely short legs and so the jeans didn’t have that cropped look…on me, anyway. And the waist and hip area was just not flattering. I will keep trying on this trend because I have hopes that somewhere out there is a pair of kick crop jeans that won’t look so frumpy on me.

Verdict for both: Sent them back


So there you have it! Despite the fact that I only bought one item from this Fix, I would still consider it a really good one.  I loved the mix if unique pieces, each with fun details that made the items different from things I typically see in stores and online (well, at least the places I browse online).


If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yourself, it’s basically an online styling service where you pay $20 and they ship you 5 items to try on. You buy what you like and send back what you don’t (and the $20 styling fee is credited toward any purchase). Shipping is free and easy. I’ve truly enjoyed my experience with Stitch Fix and I love that you can decide how often you want to receive them. I used to get them monthly. Sometimes I ask for them more frequently (like if I’m in dire need of something to wear to an event), and right now I’ve only been getting them once every other month or so. You know, because money doesn’t grow on trees. Even if I don’t always buy things from my Fixes, it sure is fun to try them on. At home. Especially that part. 🙂