That AC/DC Reading Shirt…

“Hey, Mrs. M. You should wear that AC/DC Reading shirt tomorrow since we’re having a reading day!” “Okay, Joey. You’ve got it.” I always chuckle a little when my students refer to this READ tee. Lots of kids think it’s… Continue Reading

Pattern Mixing: Stripes and Plaid + Leopard Slip-Ons

So how was your Valentine’s Day? Mine was pretty uneventful. We don’t ever really do much for V-Day — never have. I get the kids and the hubs a few goodies, but that’s about it. Is that weird? Seems like… Continue Reading

Dressing Up a T-Shirt and Jeans for School

I’m all for dressing as casually as possible in the classroom while still looking professional. At my school, we are allowed to wear jeans as long as we “dress them up” a little. One way I dress up my casual… Continue Reading