Do or Don’t: Socks with Mules?

socks with mules

Well, what do you think? Are socks with mules a do or a don’t? I’m not talking about wearing them with cute summer mules. My dilemma is, do you wear socks with mules in the fall and winter when it’s cold outside. I’ve asked around and gotten everything from YES! to NEVER! to JUST DON’T WEAR MULES WHEN IT’S COLD! to HMMMM… DON’T KNOW. So today I did a little super-scientific (LOL) research. The verdict? It’s mixed, but there are ways to make it a “do”! Here are some examples I found that tell me maybe it’s not so bad, style-wise, to keep your feet warm.  (Thank goodness!)


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Fall/Winter Style Mules + Chunky, Slouchy Socks

Love the easy, casual look of the slouchy socks and fringed mules.

socks with fringed mules

Image Source: via Pinterest


Fishnet Socks with Flat, Sleek Mules

Okay, these socks really wouldn’t help with warmth, but fishnets with mules was the past couple of fall seasons. I’m not sold on this look for my typical casual, comfy vibe, but I do like how it looks on other people. I might even do this same thing, but with some tailored black knee-high socks.



Mules with Fishnet Socks

Image Source:


Statement Mules with Bright Socks

I love this fun look, and if the heels on those fab Gucci mules were a little lower (uh, and they weren’t Gucci-priced), I could totally see myself replicating this. My question: would you wear bright socks with mules that weren’t open-toe?


mules with bright socks

Image Source: Lisa Fiege via Twitter (@Lisa_Fiege)


Furry Mules with Socks

I did see quite a few people sporting these furry mules last winter (Target had some!) with socks. I’m guessing this look will be on repeat again this winter.

furry mules with socks

Image Source: Sneakers and Pearls via Pinterest


MY TURN! Mule + Sock Pairings for Cooler Weather

Here are some mule and sock pairings that I would totally wear this fall or winter. Click to shop each look.

Note: This blog post contains affiliate links. Shopping via these links may result in my earning a commission at no cost to you. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own, and I only share products and brands that I love and think you will, too.


1. Comfy + Cozy

Vionic mules are the comfiest, and these socks have the perfect complementary warm, cozy colors and feel. Oh, and p.s.: I picked only mules that I thought would be comfortable, so you won’t find any sky-high heels or super-pointy toes here.

Vionic Nellie Mule   Treasure & Bond Socks

Shop these:


2. Chic + Dressy

I can see wearing these for parent-teacher conferences or to present at a conference on a chilly day. These shoes also come in black and beige, and I can see wearing the black ones with a bright colored sock, or the beige ones with neutral or white socks.

loft loafer mulesPaul Smith socks

Shop these:


3. Sporty + Casual

These snake-print metallic sneaker mules are fabulous, no? They also come in black leather with white soles for a more classic look.

Vionic Dakota MuleA New Day color block socks


Shop these:


Tips for Wearing Mules in Cold Weather

Weather you sock up or not, here are a few tips for making mules work for you when the weather turns colder:

  1. If it’s a little rainy or snowy, choose mules with thicker soles. The higher the open parts are the shoe are from the ground, the less likely you are to get your feet wet. Obv, if it’s too rainy or snowy, mules might not be your best bet.
  2. Choose materials that are thicker. Again, sort of obvious, but the more material you can put between your skin and the elements, the better. Plus, thicker, more substantial leathers or faux leathers and suedes just look better in fall and winter.
  3. If you’re going with socks, think about whether you want to emphasize the mule with contrasting colored socks or have more of a sleek, monochromatic look where your mules and socks are the same color.
  4. Tights or thin trouser socks are a great option for a more classic, dressy look when temps are cooler.
  5. Stick with simpler shapes and heels. Kitten or spike heels not only don’t play well with icy walkways, so unless you’re going for a dressy night-out look, stick with block heels, wedges, or thicker flats.


I’m still in the middle of #nosphopseptember2018 (check my Insta for more info on that, as well as a $110 PayPal prize!) and the only mules I own are some summery leopard espadrille mules from Target. I love the look of mules for fall and winter, though, so when I’m back in shopping mode I might pick up one of these pairs of mules to try, both with and without socks. But what about you? Would you (or DO you) wear socks with mules?

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Foot-Friendly and Fashionable Series: Fall Boots

Foot friendly fall boots

Just because you have achy feet that can’t handle heels and most boots doesn’t mean you’re out of luck this fall. Vionic Shoes, a company that specializes in foot-friendly shoes designed to be supportive and keep your feet in natural alignment, has new fall boot styles out that you’d never guess were “comfort” shoes. As a teacher with achy, bunion-y feet, I have to be really careful with any shoes I’m going to be wearing all day. Today I’m featuring some of their cute fall styles that you can wear — even if you actually need to be able to walk, move, and stay on your feet all day long.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Shopping via these links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you. I appreciate your support of my blog, and as always, I only work with brands that I love and think you will too. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Vionic_Satima Active Sneaker

Foot-friendly fall boots

1. Daytona Bootie

Check out the perforation detail on these cuties!

Vionic Daytona Bootie

2. Nellie Mule

Mules don’t always work for me because they tend to be too narrow in the toe box. These beauties were made to work for everyone.

Vionic Nellie Mule

3. Jolene Bootie

These sleek, classic booties are water-resistant, making them perfect for rainy fall days.

Vionic Jolene Bootie

4. Serena Ankle Boot

Here’s another pair of weather resistant boots that can keep you in style and take you where you need to go this fall — indoors or out.

Serena Ankle Boot

5. Mara Boot

I love a tough, edgy moto type boot that looks just as great with jeans as it does with leggings. And bonus: these, too, are weather-resistant!

Vionic Mara Boot

6. Oak Lace-Up Bootie

Can you imagine how cozy your tootsies would be in these fuzzy delights at a football or soccer game? Every fan needs these!

Vionic Oak Lace Up Bootie

7. Jenning Casual Sneaker

Okay, technically these aren’t boots, but they exude that cool-girl casual vibe and they’re perfect for fall. For me, these would be my go-to shoes for casual Fridays at school. And, yeah, the suede is weather-resistant.

Vionic Jenning Casual Sneaker

Vionic Shoes_Maris Espadrille Wedge
Those are my picks for cute, stylish boots that not only look great, but also happen to be GOOD for your poor, tired feet! Vionic shoes are more of an investment than than trendy one-season cheapos, but as you can see, the styling is on-trend now, but also classically chic enough to be in style for years to come.


Shoes and workout wear are pretty much the two categories where I’ll spend more for quality. From years of wearing cheap shoes, I learned my lesson with damaged feet that can’t handle heels anymore: I will gladly pay a little more for shoes that make my feet feel good and stop my bunions from getting worse. I’ll pay more for workoutwear that looks good and does what it’s supposed to (is supportive, isn’t see-through, wicks sweat, and doesn’t fall down): plus, when I paid up for the workout clothes, I feel more obligated to work out a lot and use them.  What items do you splurge on?

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Vionic Shoes_Kirra Backstrap Sandal

Stitch Fix KIDS Review!

Stitch Fix Kids Review

Most of you know what a huge Stitch Fix fan I am (you can check out all of my past Stitch Fix reviews if you’re interested), so it’s probably no surprise that when Stitch Fix started offering styling for kids lately, I jumped right on board. I’ve mentioned before that I’d love to have my husband or older sons try Stitch Fix Men, but they won’t play along. Yet. My little guy is a little more into having a personal sense of style than the older men in my life are, so he was willing to give Stitch Fix KIDS a try. Today I’m sharing his review, along with my “mom” comments, so you can see what we thought.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, and clicking on these links may result in my earning a commission or referral fee at no cost to you. I only share items and brands that I love and think you will, too. I appreciate your support of my blog, and as always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.


It really is for kids!

One thing I noticed right off the bat was that the kids’ box looked a lot different than the adult boxes:

The kids box is SO MUCH FUN! As you can see in the larger image below, they have stickers, bright colors, and all kinds of neat ideas for playing with the box once you take the clothes out. My 9-year-old son took one look at the box after opening it and got excited to get started. In typical fashion, he dove in and shredded the paper to see what was inside.

Stitch Fix KIDS Box Detail


His personalized note was written to HIM, not me, which he loved. His stylist Susana B. showed that she really incorporated his hobbies, interests, and preferences from the questionnaire he filled out when we signed up. After reading the note, he said, “Wow, Susana sounds so nice! I’ll bet she’s a really nice person. Can we tell her thank you for the nice note?” This was all before he even opened the tissue to see what was inside. 🙂


What we received

Another difference between the Stitch Fixes I get and the KIDS Stitch Fix is that kids get more stuff! I get 5 items to try, but my son had 10 items in his box. This was AWESOME because he can be very picky. Turns out I shouldn’t have worried about him being picky because Susana pretty much nailed his style on the first try. I’m including my 9-year-old son’s review so you can see what he thought of everything, and I’ll let you know what pieces we kept and what we sent back.


1. Burnside “Harley” Moto Joggers ($20)

StitchFix Kids Burnside Harley Moto Jogger

Mom’s thoughts: It’s hard to tell in the photo, but these joggers have moto detailing around the knee areas. They’re super thick and soft and will be great for fall and winter.

My son’s review: “These are amazing in every possible way. They’re soft and thick, and I can maneuver any way I want to. They look cool.”

Verdict: Kept them


2. Tailor Vintage “Jax” Knit Pocket Hooded Fleece Jacket ($30)

Stitch Fix Kids Tailor Vintage Jax Knit Pocket Hooded Fleece Jacket

Mom’s thoughts: Great fall and winter jacket! I was worried he wouldn’t be too keen on the sweater-like material (because it looks cute and stylish and he’s more of a Mr. Sporty), but he loved it too. I liked that the material was “Quick-Dry Outdoor Fleece.” This will be a great fall jacket or winter layering piece.

My son’s review: “This sweater-hoodie is AWESOME! It’s soft and warm and it stretches so I can move around easy. It’s cool that it looks like a sweater, but it’s more sporty. The pockets are good.”

Verdict: Kept it


3. Odin & Ivy “The Classic” Short Sleeve Graphic Tee ($12)

Stitch Fix Kids Odin Ivy The Classic Tee

Mom’s thoughts: I liked how this tee had blue and gray tones and looked nice with so many colors my son frequently wears (black, gray, navy, etc.). The pops of orange were cute, and the tee was soft and fit him well with a little room to grow.

My son’s review: “This shirt is so funny and it feels light on me. I like it.”

Verdict: Kept it


4. Hurley “Lewis” Graphic Tee ($16)

5. Warp + Weft “Ams” Slim Stretch Denim Pants ($28)

 Stitch Fix Kids Hurley Tee Warp Weft Jeans

Mom’s thoughts: This tee was funny and the peach color looked really cute on him. I wish he’d wear this color more often! The jeans were stretchy and looked good on him, but every time I’ve bought him jeans they sit in the drawer untouched, so these probably won’t go over very well even though I like them.

My son’s review: “The gorilla tee doesn’t reflect my personality. The jeans are a “no.” I’m not a jeans person.”

Verdict: Sent both of these back


6. Rumi + Ryder “The Classic” Everyday Sport Hoodie ($24)

Stitch Fix Kids Rumi Ryder Hoodie

Stitch Fix Kids Rumi Ryder The Classic Hoodie

Mom’s thoughts: This is the kind of top he wears all winter long, and the fact that it’s lightweight and sweat-wicking makes it something I want him to have in his closet. He outgrew several similar shirts from last winter, so whether he wants this one or not, I’m pretty sure we’re going to keep it.

My son’s review: “I like how soft this is, and the pocket is amazing. The sporty look is good, but I wish the FAST AS (LIGHTNING) words were on the front, not on the sleeves. I’m okay with this.”

Verdict: Kept it


7. Tailor Vintage “Ralphie” 4-Way Stretch Hybrid Short ($18)

Stitch Fix Kids Tailor Vintage Hybrid Stretch Shorts

Mom’s thoughts: I love this material! They remind me of golf shorts. They’d be perfect for hot September days at school. The only problem is they’re too tight. They’re his size, but maybe they run small. We could exchange them for another size, but he does already have a pair of tan cargo shorts in his drawer. He probably doesn’t need these even though they’re really nice.

My son’s review: “Nope. Too tight. I like how they’re stretchy, though.”

Verdict: Sent them back


8. Hurley “Lewis” Graphic Tee ($16)

Stitch Fix Kids Hurley Lewis Tee

Mom’s thoughts: This is another cute, funny tee that is soft and fits him well. I know he’ll love the picture – it fits his personality. My only thing is we don’t need too many more funny tees, so I’ll probably make him narrow them down to just the ones he loves and wants to wear a lot, not ones he just “likes.”

My son’s review: “This is so soft! The picture is perfect for school and playing outside. My friends would probably think this one is funny.”

Verdict: Sent it back


9. Rumi + Ryder “The Classic” Soft Washed Short Sleeve Button Up ($20)

Stitch Fix Kids Rumi Ryder Button Up Shirt

Mom’s thoughts: I LOVE THIS SHIRT! It’s the kind of shirt I wish he would wear more often. I love that it’s a woven chambray-denim type material, not just cloth. It looks trendy, and the yellow tag at the bottom of the buttons is cute. It looks perfect over graphic tees, and this would be great for him to wear on picture day and to church. I’d love for him to wear it more often, but button-up shirts are not his favorite. I know from having two older sons and a pretty not-interested-in-style husband that if I buy this, it’s probably not going to get worn. 🙁

My son’s review: “It looks very nice, but it’s not really my style.”

Verdict: Sent it back (boooooo, sniff, sniff)


10. Kid Dangerous “Kyle” Short Sleeve Graphic Tee ($12)

Stitch Fix Kids Kid Dangerous Graphic Tee

Mom’s thoughts: This is SO him.

My son’s review: “This is SO me! How did she know I loved old school stuff? Can I wear this right now?”

Verdict: Kept it


Our Overall Stitch Fix KIDS Experience

Well it was pretty awesome. This guy is a little more interested in his “personal style” than my older sons and husband, but he’s still is very particular about what he will wear. If things were left up to him, he’d wear shorts and tech-material tees all summer and sweats and sweatshirts all winter. I was nervous that he wouldn’t give it a fair chance, but I think since he had the opportunity to fill out the survey and share his interests and hobbies and likes and dislikes with the stylist, he was more excited to see what he got and more open to trying something new. I’m glad! He enjoyed opening his box and seeing all of the great stuff inside, and it was VERY well suited to his tastes (well, except for the jeans, but the stylist wouldn’t have known that before). I like that it pushed his boundaries a little, sort of like when I make him try a new vegetable and he doesn’t hate it–and maybe even thinks it’s “worth trying again.” This experience was way better than trying a new veggie in his book. He already asked me if we can do it every month, but I said I wanted to stick with every-other-month next time because we kept so many things from this Fix.


In a nutshell:

  • Style: The items definitely fit my son’s personality, style, and activities/lifestyle.
  • Cost: The prices were great! The stylist stayed in my pre-selected price ranges and I would compare this to what I might spend for similar items at Target.
  • Variety: There was a great mix of requested items (my son requested “funny t-shirts and sporty stuff” and surprises.
  • Experience: The Fix experience was fun for my son and fun for me, and it is something we both look forward to doing again. The questionnaire, box, note, and personalization gave him a real sense of ownership and made him feel special. I liked the quality and price, and the items fit with what he needed for back to school. Wins all around!


Click to find out more about Stitch Fix Women (also offering maternity and plus size styles), Stitch Fix Men, and Stitch Fix Kids. It’s simple and easy, and shipping is free (you return what you don’t want in a provided postage-paid bag). If you buy all of the items they send in a Fix, you get a 25% discount!


I’ve been Stitch Fixing for well over 4 years now and it has absolutely helped me to define “my” style. I highly recommend it, and it’s a great gift to give to those friends who are notoriously hard to shop for. I recently bought a gift card for my middle son’s girlfriend and she really enjoyed it. Stitch Fix Gift Cards are pretty much my go-to gift for my girlfriends and relatives. The great thing is, yeah, it’s a gift card, but it’s also an EXPERIENCE. And, you can do it all from the convenience of home. In my book, that’s about as good as it gets.


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