Window Shopping the Trends: Rainbow Stripes

Rainbow Stripes Trend

Rainbow stripes and colors have been a thing for about a year now, but they’re really picking up steam as we transition from spring into summer. My only rainbow stripe piece is this multi stripe Gap sweater below (a great “accent” piece in its own right), but I’m seeing so many cute rainbow items lately.

Spring Gap Crazy Stripe Sweater  Gap Crazy Stripe Flatlay


I’m on a strict “kid going to college in the fall” type budget right now, but it’s still fun to look. If I were buying, these pieces from some of my favorite stores and boutiques would be at the top of my list.


Speaking of the Gap, they have a great rainbow stripe swimsuits. They’re almost sold out, but snag one if you can because they’re currently on sale (the one-piece is $39.99, down from $69, and the bikini is on sale, too).

gap crazy stripe crossback one piece suit   gap crazy stripe bikini


Very Jane

Very Jane is a flash sale site with some of the cutest, trendiest, and best-priced items around. If you check there often, you’ll see a variety of rainbow stripe items like these:

candy stripes one piece swimsuit


Chiffon Summer Stripe Top


Striped Sneakers



I’ve never actually been to a Madewell store, but I love the styles and pieces that I see online. They’re not the most budget-friendly, but they are spot on-trend.


  • Rainbow Stripe Midi Skirt, $95  – There is even a tie-front button down top and a button-front tank top in this exact same print! Love the muted, summery stripes.

Madewell Rainbow Stripe Midi Skirt


xTavik Lucca Cover Up Dress Madewell



Like with Madewell, I’ve never been to a physical store, but I looooove their style. I found several cute pairs of “trousers” (imagine a charming British accent when you read that word) in rainbow stripe prints.

Topshop Slouch Rainbow Stripe Trousers


Topshop Rainbow Striped Wide Leg Trousers


Topshop Rainbow Striped Jumpsuit



Always nice to have a few Amazon options when you need it QUICK! 😀


Rainbow Stripe Maxi Dress

Rainbow Stripe Crew Neck Maxi Dress


J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory is one of my favorite sources for classic, yet on-trend pieces at great prices.


JCrew Factory Mixed Stripe Sidewalk Linen Cotton Skirt


JCrew Factory Multi Stripe Sweater


JCrew Factory Striped Off the Shoulder Dress

Various Sources

Then I found a few other cute options from a variety of stores.

Mindy Mae's Market Fiesta Tassel Tee




Everything Else!

And as you’ve probably seen in stores and on The Gram, you can find tons of rainbow striped earrings, bags, tassels, and even multicolor shoes. There are a lot of multicolor stripe tees right now, and on and on.


If you’re a Stitch Fixer, why not ask your stylist for a Fix with some rainbow stripe pieces? In my last Fix I received this cute multicolor stripe bag, which would be an easy way to dip a toe into this trend. New to Stitch Fix? Just complete your style questionnaire and get started (it’s FUN!).

Stitch Fix Fantasia Abigale Woven Tote Tribal



And I will leave you with one more fun rainbow stripe item: a rainbow poop emoji! For whatever reason, my 9-year-old son presented me with this beautiful picture last week. (Spelling is the least of my concerns…..LOL!) Guess he’s all about those rainbow stripes right now, too. 😀

Rainbow Poop Emoji


Have you tried this trend yet?

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Rainbow Stripes Trend

Triple Fudge Brownies with Salted Caramel Sauce – Easy Recipe!

Triple Fudge Salted Caramel Brownies Recipe

Anybody else all about recipes that are so easy you don’t even need to look at the ingredients and directions? I’m not opposed to the occasional complicated recipe, but most of the time I’ll take simplicity and speed over more labor-intensive gourmet efforts.


If you’re like me, you will LOVE this delicious brownie recipe. My middle son wanted to have brownies for his birthday this year, so I picked up a box of Ghirardelli Triple Fudge brownies. This would have been simple (and good!) enough alone, but I wanted to add a little something special since they were for a birthday celebration. Salted caramel sounded really good because lately I have been hankering for one of those Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzards at Dairy Queen (haven’t had one, though — go, me!).


So, I whipped up the brownies, melted a bag of Kraft caramel candies with 1/3 cup of heavy cream added, drizzled the caramel on the brownies, and sprinkled on a little sea salt. DONE. And so delicious!

Triple Fudge Brownies with Salted Caramel Sauce Recipe


They were beautiful, fudge-y, caramel-y, and salty. Everyone loved them, including the birthday boy.


Ingredients for brownies with salted caramel sauce



This is all you need to make these exact brownies. You will have extra caramel sauce left over, so it might be a good idea to make TWO batches of brownies! Or you can use the extra caramel sauce to dip apples or other goodies.

That’s it!  Follow the directions to bake the brownies, then let them cool and cut them into squares. Drizzle the warm caramel sauce over the brownies and sprinkle a little salt on each one.

Salted Caramel Fudge Chocolate Brownies Recipe

So the next time you’re craving salted caramel chocolate anything, try these goodies!  I can see adding just about any type of sauce to a good brownie mix — raspberry, chocolate, marshmallow, etc.


What are your favorite brownie mix hacks?

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Note: This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on these links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

New Stitch Fix Review (#42)!


Hip hip hooray, it’s Stitch Fix review day! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I had reset my Fix schedule to “every other month” instead of every month because my SF stylist is getting a little too good at finding pieces I end up buying. I guess that’s the point, but it gets expensive if you end up buying things too often. So, I cut back on my frequency to save a little $.


So when Stitch Fix 42 arrived on my doorstep the other day, I was chomping at the bit to get that box open and try things on. I have to say, this was the most colorful and fun Fix yet! Here’s what I received….




1. Market & Spruce “Desha” Cold Shoulder Knit Top ($44)

Stitch Fix Market & Spruce Cold Shoulder Knit Top

Eeeeek! The pattern of this knit top is so beautiful! It’s kind of a mix of watercolor/painterly flowers and bold navy/black lines: a total work of art if you ask me. It’s a stretchy, but drapey material, so it’s not too big, not too flowy, not too tight, and actually, just right. But the best feature of all is the wide straps at the top! This right here is the closest thing you will ever see me wearing to an “off-the-shoulder” top, folks. I just don’t like the idea of them. My worst-case-scenario oriented mind envisions some mishap where my off-the-shoulder shirt gets tugged on from below (a clingy toddler or hungry goat scenario perhaps?) and ends up around my waist. Unlikely? Yes, but there it is. These two glorious straps are an insurance policy covering my worst fear, so therefore, I had to get this top. (Logical, no?)

Verdict: Kept it


2. Kut From The Kloth “Candace” Split Hem Skinny Jean ($78)

Stitch Fix Kut from the Kloth Candace Split Hem Skinny Jean in Red

Red jeans are all over Instagram this spring, and this is one great pair. The material is lighter weight so they would work for spring or summer, and there is a good deal of stretch to the material. The length was good, although even though they were meant to be ankle length, they were a little longer on me (had to hike them up). And sometimes I think the back pockets of Kut from the Kloth jeans are spaced too widely — at least for my backside — and look a little off. The pockets of these jeans are closer together and so the view is better than usual. I really wanted to keep these jeans. The only reason I didn’t is that I’m trying to not buy as many “trendy” pieces aside from accessories or maybe things that are dirt cheap. I absolutely loved these now, but wasn’t sure they’re something I’d be wearing in the winter — or even next spring. I reluctantly sent them back, but am still having second thoughts.

Verdict: Sent them back

3. Papermoon “Anica” One Pocket Knit Top ($44)

Stitch Fix Papermoon Anica One Pocket Knit Stripe Top

You can check out the front side of this cute knit top in the photo above. I like that it has the one blue stripe on the front pocket. What I like even more about this top is the snap detailing up the back. The snaps don’t actually unsnap (I checked — you know, in case of toddlers or goats tugging on my shirts and unsnapping them when I’m not looking) — they’re just for decoration. The shape and fit of this top are perfect just like the other one: no drooping, nothing too tight, and no awkwardness. This was very cute and comfy, but at the end of the day, I already have probably 5 striped white and black tees and this one wasn’t different enough from the others for me to want to make space in my closet.

Verdict: Sent it back


4. Andrew Marc Performance “Coco” Graphic Knit Top ($34)

Stitch Fix Andrew Marc Performance Coco Graphic Tee Coffee

This was another top that fit me like a glove. It was soft and the lettering is exactly the style I like in my graphic tees. The only downside? I don’t drink coffee. Bummer. But this tee was so cute and soft that I put it in my “keep” pile anyway. Who cares if I’m a die-hard matcha green tea drinker? Who cares if I can’t stand coffee? Well, probably no one else would care, and it was a super-cute tee, but I just can’t get around the fact that I’d be wearing a shirt saying something I don’t agree with. I imagined people commenting on the tee or asking about it and me having to say, “Well, I don’t actually like coffee.” That would be weird and awkward — even more weird and awkward than conversations usually go when I’m involved — so I ended up sending it back.

Verdict: Sent it back


5. Fantasia Accessories “Abigale” Woven Tote ($34)

Stitch Fix Fantasia Abigale Woven Tote Tribal

Isn’t this tote beautiful? I’ve actually been looking for a tote just like this for about a year. I can picture carrying this tote wearing a white tee and some cut-off jean shorts and my beloved Birks. Did you see those pom pom tassels? It’s the perfect summer tote! Except I just bought my perfect summer STRAW tote for my summer vacation capsule wardrobe because I had given up on finding something like this beauty. Alas, I can’t justify buying two new totes for summer, no matter how much I wish I had known this one was coming.

Verdict: Sent it back


See how amazing this fun, cheerful tote looks with the graphic tee and red pants that I also didn’t keep. 🙁

Stitch Fix Review Spring Summer 2018



In all, this 42nd Stitch Fix was one of my most favorite of all time. It was so vibrant, fresh, and fun! This Fix truly represents my “ideal” style, which I would define as casual-comfy-bright-simple-fun. I could wear styles like these every single day.


The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

Stitch Fix is so much fun! Take it from me, from that first box to the 42nd one 4 years later, the excitement you feel when you see a Stitch Fix box on your doorstep is real.


Did you know you can give people Stitch Fix Gift Cards in either email or print-at-home format? If you’re like me, sometimes you wait until the last minute and then end up getting a gift card for people because (a) you can’t think of anything else and (b) there’s no time for that anyway. Okay, that’s what I do pretty much all the time. But instead of getting the gold standard Amazon or Target gift card for the moms in your life, try Stitch Fix this year. Trust me, they’ll love it!


Stitch Fix works for anyone: they can do maternity and plus styles, Fixes with premium brands, and they also have men’s Fixes. My husband wears the same 3-4 polo shirts and khaki pants I’m trying to get him to try a men’s Stitch Fix as a gift to ME! Maybe for our anniversary in June….I have a few months to work on it.


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