Best Black Pants Ever: No BS

THE best black pants for teachers and moms are American Giant's no-bs ponte pants

Best Black Pants Ever: N0-BS Pants by American Giant

Your search for the perfect black pant has ended. Seriously. American Giant sent me two pairs of their NO-BS PANT to try, and I have to say these pants are the BEST black pants I’ve ever worn. Read on for my full review plus a promo code so you can try the best black pants ever for yourself!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Shopping via these links means I may earn a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own, and I only share products and brands that I love and think you will, too. Thank you for supporting this little blog.

Over the years I’ve tried quite a few pairs of black pants for teaching, but I’ve never found “the ones.” I love the “pixie” style slim black ankle pants, but every pair I’ve tried is either unflattering, itchy, uncomfortable, or just plain ill-fitting. When I’ve worn dressy black pants in the past, I couldn’t wait to go straight home and change into something more comfortable. The big kicker with American Giant’s NO-BS Pants is that besides looking sharp and dressy for work, they are comfy and durable enough to wear around for errands and weekends. Best of all, you can even lounge around the house in these beauties!

The NO-BS PANT: Form AND Function

The idea behind the NO-BS Pants is that they look like pants, but feel like leggings. They’re made from smooth double knit 4-way stretch Ponte. The material is matte and opaque, never sheer, never shiny, and super soft and smooth on your skin. But they’re not just comfy: they stretch just enough to move with you, but they never sag or bag out. Plus, they’re durable and resist pilling and fading from wash and wear. I also found that dog hair brushes right off! That’s a biggie at our house.

American Giant NO-BS Kick Flare Pant

Basically these are pants you can move in, eat in, and live your life: the perfect mix of style and comfort. All this and they’re really flattering because they smooth you out, if you know what I mean. 😀 Oh, and did I mention there’s a pocket? It’s big enough for your keys or even medium to small sized phones. I am a “hands in the pockets” person, and I’m happy to report that I was able to walk around with my hand comfortably in the pocket.

American Giant NO-BS Pant in Petite
Check out that cute pocket!

NO-BS Kick Flare Pant

The pants I’m wearing in the photos below are the NO-BS Kick Flare Pants. I was a little nervous because although I love the look of kick flare pants, they don’t always look the best on me. However, these looked great! The flares are slight and notched, so they’re very flattering. These look great dressed up for work and equally great for weekends! I am about 5’5″ and the cropped length was perfect.

American Giant Kick Flare NO-BS Pant

NO-BS Pant (Petite Length)

The NO-BS Pant is the basic black slim pant. I was happy that they come in Petite lengths, because regular pants are always too long on me. The Petite length came to just at to above my ankle area. Perfect! These pants also come in Tall sizing, and both these and the Kick Flare pants are available in sizes 0-16. These pants could definitely be worn as dress pants or leggings! Note: I wouldn’t wear these for workout pants: that’s not what they are designed for. However, they are perfect for office, classroom, errands, and even lounging on the couch at home.

American Giant No BS Pant Petite Length

American Giant Promo Code

American Giant is an American company located in Los Angeles, and they make quality clothes that will last. These are classic, quality staples that never go out of style and that you can build your entire wardrobe around. I love supporting American companies, and I love even more that their clothes aren’t going to be the ones filling up landfills. These aren’t “cheap” items, but they’re also not going to break the bank because they’re investment pieces that last.

If you shop via the links in this post and enter promo code JENNYM at checkout, you can get 20% off (SITE-WIDE!) on your first order. It’s an unbelievable deal and a great chance to stock up. I highly recommend starting with these NO-BS Pants! And of course American Giant is also very well known for their sweatshirts, tees, and regular leggings. Check out my last American Giant review post featuring their tank tops, leggings, and dresses (yes, dresses!) for even more ideas.

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Back-to-School Essentials for Teens & Tweens at DICK’S Sporting Goods

Back-to-School Essentials for Teens and Tweens at Dick's Sporting Goods header image


It’s no secret that I love back-to-school shopping for cute teacher outfits! But as a mom of three boys who do not love shopping, getting their back-to-school essentials has always been a bit of a hassle. This year, now that I’m down to just one kiddo left at home to shop for, I finally discovered that it doesn’t have to be a chore! Despite the fact that Jay, my 12-year-old, does not enjoy shopping and won’t wear jeans because they’re “too uncomfortable,” getting him all set for the new school year was a breeze. The solution? One-stop back-to-school shopping online at DICK’S Sporting Goods!

NOTE: This blog post contains affiliate links. Shopping via these links means I may earn a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own, and I only share products and brands that I love and think you will, too. I received a DSG giftcard in exchange for sharing about my back-to-school shopping experience in this post.

Back-to-School Essentials

This year, Jay and I sat down to make a list of what he needed for school aside from school supplies, which we order through our school. He needs some things because the ones from years past (or that were handed down from his older brothers) have finally worn out. Other things, like shoes and water bottles, get worn out during the course of the year and need to be replaced more frequently. Here’s what we came up with:


Then I handed my laptop over to Jay and let him look around at DICK’S Sporting Goods. I was tempted to peer over his shoulder and make suggestions like I normally do, but I decided to step back and let him make his own picks. After all, we could find alternatives later if I didn’t agree. Surprisingly, I was okay with everything he chose.

Choice = Cool, Comfy, Confident Teens/Tweens

He ended up doing a great job! DICK’S Sporting Goods was a one-stop-shop with all of the sporty styles and brands he loves, so he found everything he needed pretty quickly. The items he chose are not in the style I would have chosen, but I think that’s the point. Once we finished ordering the items, he said, “I can’t believe I had fun doing my back-to-school shopping this year, and I got the coolest stuff that I actually want to wear!” Choosing his own things makes him feel cool, comfy, and confident. In years past I think he just got tired of shopping and ended up agreeing to whatever I picked out so we could be done…resulting in him not really liking any of it. Not this year! I consider this a huge win. Most tweens and teens are capable of making these types of choices given a list, a budget, and a few parameters.

Here are the items he chose, along with some other great options for your tweens and teens. I focused on picks for guys here just because, well you know, boymom.


Jay loves the outdoors, so this Carhartt backpack was the very first thing he chose. I think he had it picked out in about 60 seconds flat. His typical backpacks usually last 1-2 years, but this one is built to last and may still be slung on his back when he heads into high school two years from now.

Jay’s Pick: CARHARTT Legacy Standard Work Pack

Dick's Sporting Goods Carhartt Legacy Standard Work Pack

My Picks:

Jay with Carhartt Legacy Standard Work Pack

Water Bottle

DICK’S has nearly infinite choices for water bottles (Hydro Flask, anyone?). Jay loves the Gatorade bottles because they fit in his backpack and don’t add a lot of weight to it. When he saw this camo one, he knew it was the one for him.

Jay’s Pick: GATORADE Gx 30 oz Bottle

GATORADE Gx 30 oz Water Bottle in Digital Camo

My Picks:


We always go through drawers and closets to weed out any clothes that don’t fit before the school year starts. This way, we know what holes there are in the wardrobe and don’t buy duplicates or unnecessary items. One feature of the DICK’S Sporting Goods website that helped inspire Jay’s choices was the curated looks for teens featuring graphic tees, stylish hoodies, utility pants, flow shorts, footwear, accessories, and more from top brands like Under Armour, Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Carhartt, and The North Face. They also have VRST, a new private label line made specifically for men as well as DSG, a private label line designed to be inclusive, affordable, and stylish. I love that 1% of the purchase price of every DSG item is donated to the DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation’s SPORTS MATTER program to help save youth sports.

Jay’s Picks:

My Picks:

I have too many to share! 😀 Just go here and check out all of the curated looks for teen/tween guys, girls, and kids. If your kiddos love sporty-comfy-cool stuff as much as mine, you’re good to go. So many great ideas!

DICK'S Sporting Goods Curated Looks for Teens and Tweens Guys Men


Kids’ feet grow so fast! And as a mom of two adult sons, I can tell you this is not going to stop until they’re in their early 20s. DICK’S carries all the top brands of running shoes (a must for school sports!). They also have tons of the most popular lifestyle sneakers. Fun side note: they even have a SNEAKER RELEASE CALENDAR for upcoming launches of key sneaker brands like Jordans and Yeezys! Jay isn’t into Jordans or Yeezys, but he does love low-key lifestyle sneaks that are comfy and cool.

Jay’s Pick: NIKE Court Vision Shoes

Nike Court Vision Sneakers in White and Gum

My Picks:

Jay in North Face Apex Elevation jacket, Carhartt Sweatshirt, and DSG Commuter Pant, and Nike Court Vision Shoes

Fall/Winter Coat

Last, but not least, it’s important to have a coat for when the weather suddenly turns cold. Cold snaps have caught us unprepared more than once, but not this year! Jay wanted something water- and wind-resistant and cozy so he’ll be able to play outside to his heart’s content. There were a lot of options, but we picked this one from THE NORTH FACE. Plus, the brown color he liked was marked down 25% lower than the rest – SCORE!).

Jay’s Pick: THE NORTH FACE Apex Elevation Jacket

The North Face Men's Apex Elevation Jacket in New Taupe Green

My Picks:

Jay in Carhartt Logo Sweatshirt, DSG Shorts, and Nike Court Vision Shoes

KISS: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart

I kind of like the good old K-I-S-S acronym to remind myself that life doesn’t have to be as complicated as I sometimes make it. Back-to-school shopping for Jay at DICK’S Sporting Goods this year took about 30 minutes. Total. It was quick, painless, affordable (if you find a lower price anywhere, they’ll match it!). One stop and done: easy-peasy! DICK’S makes it even easier with free shipping deals to ship it home. They also have free contactless curbside pickup if you’d rather pick it up. Best of all, as Jay pointed out, he “actually” got things he liked this year and had fun doing it. For us, this was an awesome way to knock out our back-to-school shopping list and #WELCOMEBACK to school!

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