Worn Thursday, March 24, 2016

Woohoo, I am finally on spring break! Thursday was our last day of school and we’re off all next week. By the end of the day I regretted wearing sandals because my feet were FREEZING on the way home from school. But other than that I stayed toasty in my warm, cozy cardi.


Source Info — Cardigan, $58 (Stitch Fix); Striped tee, $12 (Target); Shoes, $99, Kork-ease (no longer available, similar); Necklace, $6, H&M (no longer available, similar); Leggings, $39 since I had a coupon code (Zella Live In Leggings, from Nordstrom)


Shoes closeup

I’ve always loved Kork-ease shoes for teaching. They give me a little height, but there isn’t too much of a grade change between the heel and the forefoot, so I can wear them all day even on days with tons of walking and stair climbing. They make me just a little taller than most of my freshman students. Perfect-o. πŸ™‚



This is pretty cute, too. I know feather decorations on jewelry are kind of no longer on-trend, but since this one’s all black it makes the pendant subtle enough to still be relevant.

For the next week I have some different-than-usual topics plannedΒ because I’m going to be in comfy clothes mode and you’re probably better off not seeing that. I’m excited to share with you some fitness and some fun with just a little touch of fabulous thrown in.

Until then!

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