Spring Break Day 1!!

Can I get an AAAWWWWWYEAH!?! Β Spring break is here! We aren’t going anyplace tropical, but I have some serious plans for this week.

First I’m going to drink a lot of matcha green tea lattes! I drink matcha all the time, but usually I have to drink it cold from a shaker bottle because I’m at school. Not today: that’s a piping hot mocha-flavored matcha blend you see there. Mmmmmmm. I’ve been drinking matcha for almost 8 months now and have had some amazing positive changes from it.Β Check back tomorrow for a post all about my experience with MATCHA!

The other thing I want to do this week is continue “KonMari”-ing my closets and drawers. I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing about a year ago and I thought it was great stuff, but I just read and moved on. I’ve recently bought Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy, which is sort of a more in-depth guide to the specifics of the KonMari method. This time I am going to at least get a few drawers–and hopefully my closet–organized! Today is Day 1. Wish me luck!


Source Info — Long sleeve tee: $12, but on sale for $8.40 now (Target); Leggings: $59 (Lululemon Wunder Unders from WMTM); Denim jacket: $25 (Kmart); Tassel necklace: $5 (Walmart); Adidas Superstars: $98 (Asos, but the price is now $118)




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