Denim + Strappy Sandals + Bling = Much Better

I was in a big hurry, not to mention a little grumpy this morning. (It’s only Thursday? Longest.Week.Ever.)  I grabbed a pair of jeans and a chambray shirt. Blah. At first I had on some Doc Martens, but even though it was (REALLY!) cold today, I decided to try on my new lace-up sandals. Putting those on changed my whole outlook and really amped up the style factor of the denim, so I added a statement necklace. Eureka! The change was night and day, rags to riches, gutter to gorgeous, uh…you get the idea.


Source Info — Sandals: $24.99, Zulily (similar); Shirt: ? at least 5 years old; Jeans: $69.50 (Loft); Necklace: $38 (Stitch Fix)


Here’s a close-up of the Stitch Fix necklace. I think it and the shoes are what made this outfit work.


Know what? Once I upped the style factor of what I was wearing, my mood got better, too. When my mood got better I felt more prepared to face the day, and I ended up having a great day with my students. Fake it ’til you make it, right?


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