Floral Top from Target’s Who What Wear Collection

Not sure why it took so long, but our Target store finally got the Who What Wear collection! That and Marimekko, which I also love. Back to Who What Wear, though. Maybe they had it all along, but they just now changed the sineage so it’s more obvious. Or maybe it’s just the new WWW spring collection that is so AMAZING. In any case, when I was there on Saturday there were SO many things I wanted to try on from this collection. I ended up getting this flowy floral tank as well as the same sleeveless button down romper in two different colors (one in light chambray, and one in olive). Cannot WAIT to wear those!


Source Info — Flowy tank blouse/shirt: $22 (Target WWW collection, not online [yet?]); Leggings: $98 (Lululemon High Times Pant); Shoes: ? 10+ years old, probably from Payless; Necklace: ? 10+ years old, from Lia Sophia


I love the split in the back of this tank – makes it “flow” just right when you wear it. I tried it on this morning with a reddish-burgundy cardigan, too, and it looked great. Target also had pants and a short sleeved hi-low tunic in the same pattern.


In these last two pictures I was attempting to capture that “glowing sun behind the person that lights up the hair and gives a surreal effect,” but it totally didn’t work out. The original photos turned out like silhouettes and I had to lighten them so much the color is off. Oh well! I am taking a photography class this May from a former student of mine who is now an amazing and very in-demand wedding photographer, the awesome Kara Kamienski of Kara Kamienski Photography. If anyone can help me become a better photographer, it’s Kara!


Yeah, I think I’ll go powerwash my deck now, too. Yuck.


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