Are we there yet?


You’ve probably seen this meme before. (If you know the original source, by the way, please let me know so I can credit it properly.) We are to the point in the year where anyone in the school building — kids, teachers, and even administrators and staff — can tell you exactly how many days of school are left until summer break (8 student days and 9 teacher days in case you were wondering).

I don’t think I would be as effective a teacher if I didn’t have the summer to reflect, catch up on professional development and trade books to keep current on the latest teaching research and trends, and revamp my units and lessons, and basically get myself pumped back up for fall when a fresh crop of kids heads my way. People are always surprised to learn that we teachers really do work all year long.

We may be purple and twitchy now (in my case that runs through May…), but before long we’ll enter that glorious period of rejuvenation and renewal. Hang in there, teacher friends — the finish line is in sight!

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