Need Your Help! What to Wear to a Reunion, Part 2

As you may rememberΒ from this post, I have a reunion coming up this weekend. I didn’t go out and buy a special outfit because it’s more of a casual get-together with old friends, not a fancy gotta-impress-people gala type event. So glad, too!

Anyway, today I was playing around with some possibilities and I’ve narrowed it down to 5 outfits that I think would work. They’re all pretty casual, but I’m okay with that. Here’s where you come in. I can’t decide which of these outfits to wear!


Would you please, please, please take a look at each and leave a comment below (or on my Instagram) to vote for your favorite? I really appreciate your help!!!


This one is simple and stylish. I like the pop of color from the necklace against the otherwise very neutral black, white, and caramel background. Not sure what earrings and bracelet — if any — I would wear with this.



This one is a little more casual, but adds some pattern with the breezy-bright floral tank , faded boyfriend jeans, and lots of gold bling.



This one is cute, but I’m not sure if it screams casual reunion as much as fun mom-and-kids’ day at the zoo. I’m kind of leaning against this one already.



I do love the all of the metallic accessories against the beachy-blue background of the chunky knit heathered sweater and distressed boyfriend jeans here. I think I would even swap out the white multistrand beaded necklace for a gold statement necklace to not be going in too many directions with the accessories, though.



I love the casual boho vibe of this one with featuring a simple lightweight drapey gray sweater and white jeans, but again it kind of makes me think of a daytime family outing than a nighttime gathering of old friends.


Which one would you choose?


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