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A few months ago a friend roped me into encouraged me to attend an essential oils class. I’ve never used oils before, but according to everyone I know, I’m the last person on earth not hooked on them.

Long story short, I purchased a few different doTerra oils to try:

  • Deep Blue, a mix of oils intended to soothe aches and pains (I couldn’t wait to try this on my achy knee!)
  • Frankincense, a pure oil purported to help with skin imperfections such as wrinkles, sun damage, moles, and skin tags (yes! four things I want GONE); it’s also supposed to “promote feelings of relaxation and balance mood,” but I don’t really want to relax (how could I get everything done?) and I feel like I’m pretty well balanced already, thank you very much.
  • Citrus Bliss, a blend of oils that smells great and is said to lift your mood.
  • Peppermint, a pure oil that refreshes (both your spirit AND your breath!), calms stomach upset, and can help ease headaches

Then I was lucky enough to win a drawing for Wild Orange oil, and because I dropped enough green at the class, I also got a free Grapefruit oil.

What I learned is essential oils have different effects on different people, scents DO matter, and it is possible to overdose on essential oils (yes, really!). 

So far I love the sweet, pleasant-smelling oils, but I’m not sold on the more strong-smelling ones. I will have to wait and see if, over time, the supposed benefits of the stinkier oils outweigh their, uh, stink.

Deep Blue Blend

First, the Deep Blue: I have several friends who swear by Deep Blue for their arthritic joints, sore muscles, and even bruises. Unfortunately, it really didn’t do anything for my own bad knee. Could be Deep Blue doesn’t address wear and tear caused by repeatedly torn menisci? Maybe I’ll try it again when I have sore muscles. Or maybe not – the smell is really strong and not super-pleasant (kind of a weighty mixture of tree bark and peppermint). Reminds me of the Icy Hot I used to slather all over my legs after track practice. Not a fan.

Frankincense Oil

frankincenseoilThe frankincense oil is REALLY expensive, but the Internet says that frankincense oil can eliminate skin tags in a 2 to 4 week period. I applied frankincense a drop of frankincense oil directly (or “neat” as my oily friends call it) to all of my skin tags and “outie” moles for about 8 weeks. I can report that I had mixed results. Once again, the smell is not pleasant. After applying it to the skin tags on my neck and a few moles on my arms and legs, my 6-year-old runs away yelling, “Ewwww, you stink!”  It is definitely earthy and a little tree-barky, but luckily the smell fades away after about an hour or so. After about a month of applying frankincense, several smaller skin tags dried up and “scratched” off. Cool! The frankincense oil is a “go” for small skin tag removal. The larger ones started drying up, but I had to stop applying it because I actually developed an allergy to it — because I was using too much.  I may have overdone it applying frankincense oil “neat” directly lots of moles twice a day. I had been applying the frankincense for about 6 weeks with no problems (and good results!) when I was prescribed meloxicam, a powerful anti inflammatory,  for my knee. Frankincense itself is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. On the 5th day of taking the meloxicam, I developed itchy hives around every single mole where I had been applying the frankincense oil. I stopped applying it and things are getting back to normal. I was able to continue taking the meloxicam with no problems. Once I stopped taking the meloxicam a month or so ago, I tried to start back up with the frankincense oil: big mistake. Over a couple of days I started developing the hives again. Unfortunately I think I may have developed an intolerance for frankincense oil. Too bad, because it did seem to be working, albeit slowly. I am thinking of trying oregano oil on a larger mole that’s on my neck just to see what happens.

Wild Orange Oil, Grapefruit Oil, and Citrus Bliss Blend

Now for the GOOD smelling oils: Wild Orange, Citrus Bliss (a blend of citrus oils and vanilla), and Grapefruit. I love, love, love the smell of these oils!  The orange is much stronger and lasts longer if you have it on your hands. My boys (the 6-year-old and, believe it or not, the 15-year-old!) love to put a drop or two on their hands so they can smell it. Supposedly both are good for boosting your mood and smelling nice, and I would say for me they boost my mood because they smell nice! I did get a diffuser and we like to diffuse a few drops of any one of these oils (or a blend of them) for a few hours after dinner. Makes the house smell so nice!  You can get Citrus Bliss in a hand lotion and it’s fabulous. My 7-year-old and I also made shower bombs with these three scents and they are exquisite!  Apparently you can put a drop or two in drinking water to add flavor, but I haven’t tried that yet. These oils are keepers if for no other reason than the smell is SO amazing.

Peppermint Oil, Breathe Blend, and Terra Blend

We’ve also used the peppermint oil for headaches and to improve focus and alertness. I just received Breathe (for clearing respiratory pathways) and Terra (for keeping bugs away from you) in the mail, but I really haven’t tried either of these yet to be able to say whether they worked for me. I can say, though, that they both smell really good!

I signed up to become a DoTerra Wellness Advocate (a.k.a., wholesale member) so I now get a discount. Bonus! That means I can also sell to other people and/or help people become members themselves. I don’t plan on having classes/parties and actively selling to people–I just wanted to be able to get the “membership” discount for my own purchases. But if you would like to buy DoTerra oils and don’t already have a friend who sells them, feel free to buy DoTerra through me using this link.

Ultimately, I’m still too new at it to have experienced major benefits other than smell (ever since the frankincense incident, I’ve only been using oils very sparingly), but I’m willing to give a new oils a try because of my friends’ rave reviews. Don’t think I’ll be giving up Ibuprofen, Febreeze, bug spray, etc., in exchange for essential oils like my pals anytime soon, but we’ll see what happens.

Have you had success with essential oils?  Which ones? I’d love to hear advice and tips from oily veterans.:-)


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