Stylish and Inspirational Tees, Please! (Thank you, Scarlet and Gold Shop!)

I see so many cute graphic tees, and I’ve been wanting to get one that really says something. Seems like by the time I decide on a phrase (the one I most recently wanted was NOPE), I quickly start seeing them everywhere — and then nowhere. So after looking for several months, I found not one, but two graphic tees that I know I’ll be wearing for a long time. Check ’em out!

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Here are the Instagram selfies I posted when I wore these the first time. The one on the left says “give grace” and the one on the right says Isaiah 40:31. They are both from Scarlet and Gold Shop (which I recently found on Instagram, and I’m so glad I did!). They are a little pricey, but once I received them and wore them I decided that the quality, fit, style, and look are good enough to justify this price and I totally don’t regret purchasing them.

  • Give Grace — I love the idea of the phrase “give grace” because I know that I need (constant) reminders to be more patient and kind to people, especially the people I live with and those I am waiting in line behind at the grocery store or at a stoplight. Scarlet and Gold Shop sends a card along with this tee that explains the #givegrace movement, which is about sharing our struggles with and encouraging others so we can all lift each other up. The proceeds from this line go to  help the shop owners (Megan and Blake) with infertility treatments and eventually to to help other couples in this situation. That’s a great cause, but I mainly just love the shirt for the daily reminder it gives me and the fact that it looks really cute!!
  • Isaiah 40:31 — …but those who hope in the LORDwill renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.  This is my all-time favorite Bible verse. I often feel like I’m running a race through life and every now and then I get really tired, but whenever I do, this verse kicks me back into gear. It’s my reminder that whatever’s going on, God’s got this!

Here are some bigger shots so you can see these awesome shirts.


Sizing note: For the Give Grace cap sleeve tee, I sized up because the website said they ran a little small. They were right on. I like a drapey tee and going with the large instead of the medium was perfect. I did order the medium in the white Isaiah 40:30 tee and it fit just fine.


Then while I was typing this post just now, I went to the Scarlet and Gold Shop website to get their link and saw — oh, oh……a few new shirts!! They are from Scarlet and Gold Shop’s Britt Nicole Summer Collection. It actually takes you to a different website when you click the link but Scarlet and Gold Shop and Britt Nicole seem to be related? Anyway, hold me back!

Here are the ones on my wish list:

Greater than Gold Cap Sleeve Tee


This one is a reminder of our value, which is greater than gold.  Although, to me, I see it less as my own worth being greater than gold, but of God’s Word being greater than gold (like in Psalm 19:10). Either way, I love the gold foil print on this tee and it’s the same style as the Give Grace one so I know it’ll drape and fit really well.

I think I’ve finally found my go-to source for stylish and inspirational graphic tees!

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