Faux the Sake of Animals

I was asked recently how you can incorporate touches of animal prints into your home decor scheme without turning the place into a full-on, heads-on-every-wall, antlers-on-every-chandelier mountain lodge.

When I look around my home, I notice that I use no more than one piece (or TYPE of piece in the case of chairs or pillows, etc.) with animal print on it in any given room. In the rooms where I have animal print pieces, those pieces tend to be focal points in the room. Many designers say there should only be one focal point in a room, but unless there is some sort of stunning architectural feature, I think you can have a couple of minor focal points.

Here are some ways I’ve incorporated animal prints around my home:

1. Recovered piano bench in faux pony hide (high pile velvet – very soft and surprisingly durable). And check out the adorable authentic animal fur puppy napping in the corner.:-)

piano sleepy pup light

Faux pony hide piano bench next to a real live puppy hide

2. Faux cow hide dining room chair upholstery (low pile velvet – also soft and durable; great for hiding minor spills)

dining room chairs

Cow print dining room seat upholstery

Other ways to incorporate “animal” type natural elements are with accessories. I love how Ikea’s sheep skins look and feel when thrown on chair seats or sofas. The sheep skin is perfect on my Danish rope chair because the seat needs to be repaired, and when the sheep skin is on it, you can’t see that!


Sheep skin on Danish rope chair

I found this set of antlers at a thrift shop and picked them up for $10. A few coats of white spray paint made them look more modern.

antler close up

Spray-painted deer antlers; I guess these technically are not “faux”….

Here’s how they look in our foyer:

hall with antlers

Antlers in foyer

Poufs, ottomans, and stools are a great way to add some animal print to a room without going overboard. I’m in the process of finding just the right print for the pouf I’m planning on making.

For the last couple of years in a row, when the weather starts getting cooler in October-November, our local Costco store puts out these awesome lamb skin rugs out . For just $114 in our Costco (it said $149 online when I was looking at them last fall) you can get this awesome rug in 4′ x 6′:

costco rug

Costco lambskin rug

Looks a lot like this one (also 4′ x 6′)  at Crate and Barrel , only theirs costs $379.

Have you experimented with adding animal prints to your decor? I’d love to hear more ideas.

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