Stitch Fix #21 PLUS $25 Stitch Fix Credits for You and Me!

Perfect timing: the day we got back from vacation, a Stitch Fix arrived! Okay, so I had it scheduled that way…but that didn’t make it any less exciting to come home to. Here are the items my stylist sent this time! Scroll down to see what I received this time and then see below to find out how you can get a $25 Stitch Fix credit by signing up in the next week!


1. Lavette Textured Knit Dress by RD Style ($98)

The pattern of this dress was so incredibly gorgeous! The moment I saw it I knew it would be a keeper. That is, until I tried it on. Dang it. The top half fit like a glove, and well, so did the bottom half. The problem was the dress flared out (duh, Jenny – it’s a fit and flare dress!). It really accentuated my waist well, but unfortunately I do not have good knees so the flare at the bottom kind of highlighted my worst body area. If there were a term like cankles for knees, that would describe what I have. Cankknees, maybe? Or kneekles? Or we could just settle on two-ton lardy knees. 🙁  Anyway, this gorgeous dress didn’t work for me because of my dumb knees.

Verdict: Sent it back



2. Bobet Faux Suede Vest by Pixley ($78)

This vest looked so incredibly cool! I love the moto style detailing and the color was really pretty and flattering to my (yellow-peach) skin tone. I think it would have looked great with t-shirts and dresses alike. My only problem with it was the faux suede-iness of it. It was just so darned soft it sort of reminded me of things much older ladies might wear when I tried it on. Now, a few days later as I write this blog post, I’m kind of kicking myself for not trying it on again. I really would have loved to try styling it. Another reason I didn’t keep it was because that darned Nordstrom annual sale is coming up soon and I have my eye on a few things there. Gotta hold back somewhere, right?

Verdict: Sent it back



3. Essi Embroidered Neckline Top by Pixley ($54)

I absolutely loved the Aztec embroidery on the neckline of this top, as well as the fit and cut of it. You can’t see well, but it has a button and slit at the top of the back and it is also gathered in the back so unlike most swingy tank tops it doesn’t make you look like a big bell. The navy color was really pretty, but I’m not a huge fan of wearing peach and pale pink colors. Although this would make a great staple in my wardrobe, I’m already kind of full up on staples. And then there’s that Nordstrom sale……

Verdict: Sent it back



4. Ramiro Grommet Detail Blouse by Pixley ($48)

This was one of those rare times when my stylist sent something that I really wouldn’t wear. It’s a very cute top and it would be really versatile — could be dressed up or down. The problem with this blouse — for me — is that there’s no way to wear a regular bra with it. I even tried a racerback and a convertible with it, but there were still straps showing. I know that can be cute and I’ve often thought a little strap peeking out on other people can look nice at times, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Guess it’s too ingrained in my mind that undergarments should be hidden from public view. Yeah, I know I could wear a strapless bra with this top, but I also know myself well enough to know if I have to pull on a strapless bra, I will probably not be wearing this top very often. Not worth the trouble.

Verdict: Sent it back



5. Deanne Printed Maxi Skirt from Loveappella ($58)

At first glance I didn’t love the color scheme and pattern of this maxi skirt. Then I tried it on and it fit like a dream, making me look thinner and longer and being as comfortable and stretchy-drapey as they come. Whoa. All of a sudden the lackluster colors (which to me almost seem like fall colors) weren’t so off-putting. I started visualizing this skirt with a plain white tank top and epsadrille wedges during summer and then a knotted chambray shirt and ankle boots this fall. You know how it goes — once you start picturing yourself wearing/using/inhabiting stuff, you’ve already made your decision. So, yeah, I have a new maxi skirt in my closet.

Verdict: Kept it



$25 Stitch Fix Credits for You and Me!

If you’ve been thinking about trying Stitch Fix, there is no better time than right now. If you use my Stitch Fix referral link and sign up to receive your first Fix by July 28, you will bet $25 to spend on your fix! They’re also giving the referrer a $25 credit, so we both get a little Stitch Fix love!

Now imagine these last words being said by a deep “radio guy” voice: HURRY, LIMITED TIME OFFER. EXPIRES JULY 28, 2016.

In all seriousness, though, I’ve been receiving Stitch Fixes for several years now and they’re so much fun. I look forward to them and I’ve gotten quite a few great pieces to round out my wardrobe. What are you waiting for?

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