5 Tips for Mixing Camo and Stripes

I’ve been wondering for a while whether camo and stripes match. I have seen some people pull it off, but I’ve also seen some major crash-and-burns. I think for it to work you have to have a thin stripe since camo is usually a big pattern. Or I guess you could find a tiny camo pattern and wear it with thick stripes. What do you think about this? I drew a few conclusions and listed them below.


Source Info — Striped Top: $14.99 (H&M); Camo jeans: Gap Always Skinny 1969 $30 (from Poshmark); Bracelets are from Rocksbox, Jewelry Bean, and Gordman’s; Peep toe ankle boots: Steve Madden, on sale at Macy’s for $


And, yeah, I’m not sure that gold clutch goes well with this. I really, really wish I had a black clutch or even any sort of black handbag. That’s definitely something I need to look for. That and maybe some eyebrow pencils. Looks like I have absolutely nothing in the eyebrow department in these photos. Oh well – that’s a problem for another day. ๐Ÿ˜€



In the top photo I front-tucked the shirt, but in this one I left it untucked. I think I almost like the untucked look better since the shirt is actually a crepe-y, viscous material so it doesn’t stretch at all and drapes really well.

My Rules for Mixing Camo and Stripes

  1. Keep one of the patterns larger and one smaller in scale. This is a good general rule for mixing any sort of pattern. Actually I think my outfit would have been better if I wore a top that was either more black with a thin white stripe, or more white with a thin black stripe. Any bigger of a stripe than what I was wearing here might be a don’t.
  2. The colors should look good together.ย Keep it simple. Whether you’ve got a more olive or tan camo, your stripes should not compete. They should probably be something simple like white-and-black or gray-and-white stripes. Adding more colors into the mix might just be too much.
  3. Keep the accessories simple.ย Just like how you want to keep your colors simple, you want your accessories to be simple, too. I didn’t go with a noticeable statement necklace here because I wanted the emphasis to be on the camo-and-stripe mix. I wore a simple black boot and I WOULD HAVE carried a black bag if I owned one. Sigh. I did amp up the arm candy a little for some shine, but that’s it.
  4. Tone it down, if necessary, by mixing in solid (neutral) pieces.ย If you feel like your patterns aren’t playing well together, you could always add a large area without pattern. For example, I could have worn a denim jacket or chambray boyfriend shirt with what I’m wearing here. You’ll know by looking in the mirror: if you feel uncomfortable, it’s probably too much. Personally I think every person’s level of “too much” is unique. I am a little more conservative than some in the pattern mixing area, mostly because I’m not as confident in my ability to do it well. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Stick to just the camo and stripes.ย Don’t add in another pattern UNLESS it somehow magically just works. You know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, you’ll know when it happens.


Have you had success mixing stripes and camo? This was my first try and it worked out pretty well, but I think there are some ways I can improve it for next time. Yep, I’m totally on the hunt for a black bag now…..


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