Can you believe these clothes are 15+ years old?

Ever pull old things out of the closet that don’t look so old anymore? I love it when that happens. Normally I purge quickly so I don’t have a lot of extra older clothes that I don’t wear. However, I do hang onto a few items that are either neutral staples or unique enough to maybe…just maybe…come back around in the future. The clothes you see in this post are all over 15 years old!


I got this H&M skirt way back in the 90’s. Picture it with black tights, black oxfords, and a black sleeveless turtleneck. And fairly big hair.

The sleeveless chambray shirt is even older than the H&M skirt. If I had to guess I’d put it at just under 30 years old because I’m pretty sure I had it in my last few years of high school. How’s that for vintage?

My bracelet is white marble and gold and it’s Slate brand and came from my 6th Rocksbox. You can’t see my earrings very well in the photo, so here’s a close-up. They are SO pretty!


I got them from ILYMIX.COM where they’re going for $27.50. The white marble is just gorgeous! Oh, and I just so happen to have a promo code: enter EVERYDAYJEN at checkout and get 20% off of your entire order! You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

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