Trump Rocks! (Ivanka does, anyway.)

Haha, you probably thought I was going to get all political in this post. Nope. The likelihood of me going on a political rant is slim to none. I can’t stand politics and politicians. When it comes to all things Republican and Democrat, I am an equal opportunity avoider. Oh, don’t get me wrong: I do vote. It’s just that I am one of those disenfranchised voters you hear about on the news. I’m so tired of politicians bickering, pointing fingers, and generally only serving themselves. Seems like the only thing politicians truly get accomplished is campaigning, with gusto. Rant over. (Okay, I guess that means I just went on a political rant…..whoops!)

Anyway, this TJ Maxx top is Ivanka Trump brand. I didn’t know that when I pulled it off of the rack, and didn’t really care, frankly. I will say, though, that Ivanka’s got style and this is a great top. I love the pattern and it’s comfortable, too. Thanks, Ivanka!


Source Info — Floral top — Ivanka Trump from T.J. Maxx, $29.99 (similar); White Jeans: Catherine Boyfriend Jeans, $84 (Kut from the Kloth); Cheetah Clutch: from Saved by the Dress Boutique, $39 (similar); Steve Madden Terraa Shooties, on sale for $41 (Macys); Watch: XOXO Gold Tone Tortoise Watch, $19.99 (Amazon); Bracelet: Cluster Statement Bracelet, $17.58 ( **use promo code EVERYDAYJEN20 at ILYMIX.COM for a 20% discount!)

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