Subscription Box Showcase: Rocksbox $7

Another Friday, another Rocksbox! I don’t think I’ll end up keeping this one as long as previous ones. I like the pieces, but none of these are keepers. This time I received a delicate Jill Michael necklace, a striking Slate ring, and some gorgeous Kendra Scott earrings. Take a look:



1. Jill Michael Bar Pendant Necklace in Gold (Insiders’ Price $38)

This necklace was really pretty. It layered well with several other gold necklaces I already own (specifically the Stella & Dot AuroraΒ necklace and Arc pendant, as well as the Peggy Li Tiny BubbleΒ necklace). Β I liked it a lot. The only reason I didn’t love it was because the pendant was very lightweight and it didn’t stay in place all of the time — sometimes it would move sideways and lie crooked because it wasn’t heavy enough to pull itself back down into the center. Definitely a like but not love item.



2. Kendra Scott Elle Earrings in Lapis (Insiders’ Price $52)

I do love Kendra Scott’s earrings in general. The “Elle” shaped earrings are some of my favorites. I love the gold surrounding the beautiful, often colorful and variegated stones in them. The rich navy lapis in this particular pair was flecked with gold and swirled with white. Absolutely stunning! The only downside — in my opinion — was that the front of the stones was left rough. When you flip the earrings over and look at the back, smooth sides, you get a much better view of the variation in color of the lapis. On the front side, the rough edge gives them a more natural, earthy feel, but it also makes it so you can’t see the beautiful colors. So in all, these earrings were another like, but don’t love for me.


Take a look at the back side:


I think these would have been perfect if the front sides were faceted around the edges and polished so you could see the pattern of the stone better. Alas.


3. Slate Geometric Diamond Ring (Insiders’ Price $28)

This ring is very striking and looks really pretty on, even if you have ginormous hands with super-long fingers like I do. I think what made this ring a “like” for me instead of a “love” is that it’s regular polished gold. Don’t you think it would be all that much more interesting if it were matte gold? I do.



So in all I would still say this set did fit my style, but it just wasn’t as exciting for me as most of my other sets have been.


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Despite this not being my favorite set ever, I still really enjoyed wearing these pieces. The best part is always seeing that new Rocksbox package in your mailbox and racing inside to see what your stylist sent this time. If you’ve been thinking about trying Rocksbox, you can use promo code JENNYMBFF9Β at to get a free month! A Rocksbox subscription costs $19 per month (you can cancel anytime) and you can send back your boxes as often or as rarely as you like. I kept my Rocksbox 6 set for about a month, but I’ll probably only keep this one for one week. Can’t wait to see what my stylist sends next!


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