Teaching in Camo! Plus a Poshmark Question

I love these Gap camo jeans, but I had never worn them to school before this day. I wasn’t sure if they were dress-upable enough, but I totally think they are with the right top and accessories. ย I got several compliments from other teachers and some of my girl students. I did also get one compliment from a freshman boy who said, “I like those camo pants…..but I can’t see them. Haha.” ย I see what you did there, clever freshman. ๐Ÿ˜€


Source Info: ย Gap 1969 Camo jeans: $20, used (Poshmark); Black muscle tee: Garment-Dyed Muscle T-shirt, $35 (J.Crew); Chain bib necklace: $23ย (ilymix.comย ;ย **use promo code EVERYDAYJEN20 at ILYMIX.COM for a 20% discount!); Black ankle booties:ย Steve Madden Terraa Shooties, on sale for $41 (Macys); White marble & gold bracelet: Slate Marble Cuff (Rocksbox ; **use promo code JENNYMBFF9 for a free month of Rocksbox!)



Okay, I do have one confession to make. These boots look so fierce with these pants! Unfortunately, there is no way on this earth that I could’ve taught all day in those boots because they’re a little uncomfortable to walk in. Maybe if it had been a day when I was doing a lot of sitting, like if kids were testing or something? But unfortunately it was a typical teaching day where I’m up, walking around the room, waving my arms in the air like I just don’t care, so these boots were not going to happen. ย I swapped them out for some flat black gladiator sandals before school and they looked okay, but not as cool as the boots so these are the photos I posted. ๐Ÿ˜‰



I’ve bought several things on Poshmark and gotten great deals on some really cook items. These camo Gap jeans came from Poshmark, as did a Stella & Dot leopard scarf and a few other specific items I really wanted, but didn’t want to pay retail prices for.

I’ve looked into opening a “closet” on Poshmark to sell some of my gently used clothes and jewelry that I’m not wearing as much lately, but I noticed that they take a 20% cut. Then if you use PayPal they also take a cut (I believe it’s right around 3%). So if I sell on Poshmark and have people pay with PayPal, I’m already losing 23% of the purchase price? I understand they bring you a big audience and facilitate smooth, easy transactions, so there is value in that. I’m just not sure I’m ready to go for that big of a cut when eBay only takes a 10% cut. Is that extra 10% worth it to go with Poshmark?

Then there is also the Instagram closet option. I see a lot of people selling items directly on Instagram by just having people leave a comment with their PayPal email. I guess the only fees that way would be the 3% PayPal takes, but the downside is unless you have a huge following, there won’t beย as many people seeing your items.



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