Teachers are Master Multi-Taskers (but we already knew that…)

A friend shared this in Facebook the other day and I immediately said to my self, “Well, yeah.”


That led me to Google the quote to see if I could read the research that spawned this statement or whether it was a more generalized estimate. I couldn’t find where Dr. Tina Boogren (who is one of Marzano’s cohorts) originally stated this, but I did find an article on TeachThought.com with information about just how many decisions teachers make on a typical day. I knew the number would be high, but I didn’t expect it to be THIS high.Β The article goes on to break down these numbers and add additional insight by sharing the full BusyTeacher.org infographic:


I especially got a kick out of this one: “Multitasking causes a 10% drop in IQ.” No wonder I sometimes can’t remember what I was just going to say to students — or I can’t remember whether I’ve already said something to students when I’m teaching the same class for the 6th time in the same day.

I would venture to say that teachers are probably better at multitasking than your average Joe or Jane. Β I’ll qualify that by saying teachers who have taught 3-5 years or more, because if you have taught for 3-5 years and you’re still teaching (and at least somewhat enjoying it), then either you’ve become a master at multitasking or you already were one when you started. Otherwise, you wouldn’t still be teaching.

These are the kinds of things I love to share with my corporate friends who ask whether I enjoy going home at 4pm every day or what I do with all of my “free time” in the summer.


  1. Hi Jenny. I was searching for teacher’s day quotes when I saw this image and that led me to google the quote too. But then I landed on your blog.

  2. Hi. I was just searching the internet to also verify this quote (2 years later) and found your blog. The internet is such a small place. πŸ™‚

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