Dress Up a T-Shirt Dress with a Scarf

I’ve seen a few people wear a scarf around their waist, usually kind of as a quasi-skirt when they’re wearing leggings. It’s a good idea: it adds coverage and modesty and also brings in some color and style.

Today on a whim I folded a large square tasseled scarf in half and tied it around my waist and I kind of liked it.


Source Info: Β T-shirt dress: Tee Dress for Women, $26.94 (Old Navy); Espadrille Wedges: Mine are from Payless, but they’re out of stock (similar, from Payless); Scarf: from Target a few years ago; Necklace: Light Blue Druzy Crystal Pendant on Chain, $22 (ShopMinted Etsy shop)

See, not too shabby! Oh, and pardon my facial expression in the photo below. I was squinting in the sun, but it kind of resembles the really-trying-to-not-say-something-I’ll-regret look I give students when we’ve just gone through all of the directions and we’re ready to start a really great discussion or whole-class activity or do something really cool and a student asks to go to the bathroom RIGHT THEN. And we have to wait until they get back to do our really cool thing. If you’re a teacher, you know this pain.


Here’s how it looked from the back. I really like this look and I’ll try it again with different scarves and different dresses (and maybe some leggings if I can make sure the coverage is REALLY effective).


The only downside to doing this is that if you tie it the way I did (just once) and don’t wrap the scarf up much, you’ll end up with the two tails dragging pretty low. I actually got mine caught in the car door a few times and also *almost* but not quite dipped them into a toilet while I was reaching across for a tissue. Definitely something to watch out for! πŸ˜›


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