Camo Jackets for Fall

I’ve featured this Topshop ‘Sandy’ Camo Jacket before on Everyday Teacher Style, but it really is an item from my closet that I wear a lot. I wore it some in the summer if I was in a chilly place like a movie theater, but now that it’s fall, I’m finding myself throwing it on several days a week. Here’s how I wore it over the weekend.


Source Info: Camo jacket: Topshop ‘Sandy’ Camo Jacket, $85 (I got it at Nordstrom, but it’s sold out; you can still get it directly fromΒ Topshop); Tank: Pineapple Collector Tank, $39.50 (J.Crew Factory); Black jeans: Mavi ‘Alexa’ Skinny in Smoke Super, $88 (I got it from Stitch Fix, but you can get them directly from Mavi); Superstars: Adidas Originals White & Silver, $98 (Asos)


About the jacket: it comes already broken in so there’s no stiffness and it’s actually soft. It does run a bit big so you may want to size down if you’re wearing it mainly as a shirt or want a more streamlined silhouette. Mine is a medium, which I usually wear, but I probably could have gone with a small. I do layer mine, though, so I just kept the medium sized one. Also, it is the perfect weight for fall strolls with the dog or Friday nights in September sitting in the stands watching a good ‘old high school football game. With pumpkin spice. #iwish

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