Stitch Fix 24 Review

Today I’m reviewing my 24th Stitch Fix. As always it was loads of fun to open the box and try on all of the items. This time my stylist Lindsey sent items that would all transition well from summer into fall. Without further adieu, here they are!


1. Edyson ‘Hampton’ Corduroy Skinny Jean ($68)

The color of these cords is just the right mix of purple and burgundy. It’s a more bright, jewel-tone burgundy shade. Gorgeous! And I loved that the cords themselves were super-soft and had just the right amount of stretch. They were 5-pocket “jean” style and had a nice skinny leg. The only downside, and unfortunately it was a big enough downside to make me send them back, was that they were about 6 inches too long for me. I think they would have looked really cute at ankle length, and maybe they would be ankle length on someone taller than my 5’5″ height, but they were too long for me and would have required too much rolling or cuffing. I thought about getting them hemmed, but I didn’t want to spend another $8-$10 on pants that were $68 to begin with.

Verdict: Sent them back



2. Alice Blue ‘Simona’ Henley Blouse ($44)

This top was absolutely stunning and I wore it around the house for about an hour while trying to decide whether to keep it. When I removed it from the box and saw it, I KNEW it was something I wanted to add to my wardrobe because of the vibrant jewel tones against the black. The fit, length, and drape were absolutely perfect! …….And then I walked in front of a mirror that was near the double doors that go out to our back deck–doors that let in a lot of light–and saw that the shirt was so sheer in that light you could see not just my tan/nude-colored bra clearly, but every mole as well. Darn it! I can’t risk wearing something so sheer in the classroom because what if inadvertently walk past my window and the sun hits that shirt just right and essentially makes it look like I’m not wearing a shirt at all? No thanks. But I did really want this top…. 🙁  Oh, and yes, it looked absolutely perfect with the too-long berry-colored corduroy pants.

Verdict: Sent it back   🙁  🙁  🙁



3. Loveappella ‘Wilsen’ Contrast Sleeve Knit Top ($48)

This top was very cute and the longer length would make it work well with leggings. It could easily be a summer top or it could also be worn in the fall with a cargo vest or cardigan. I liked the burgundy colored animal print on the sleeves, too. I would wear it with distressed jeans or it would also work with white or burgundy jeans, I think. Ultimately, though, I’d have preferred it more for fall if it had 3/4 sleeves more like a baseball style. I’ve been eyeing Lularoe tops lately at a few Facebook parties (check out the Facebook group Lularoe with Heather Lindenmeyer if you’re curious! Heather is the blogger behind rock, STYLE, teach and is also totally follow-worthy on Instagram at @rockstyleteach) and I also have a local friend who will be having an in-person Lularoe party within the next few weeks. Soooo, long story not-so-short, if I’m going to wait on buying any print tees until I’ve had a chance to try Lularoe for myself. That and $48 seemed a little high for this tee.

Verdict: Sent it back

Loveappella Tee


4. 41Hawthorn ‘Kien’ Jacket ($99)

Of all of the items in this Fix, this is one I didn’t really like. I see how it could be styled to look edgy and modern, but when I look at it I just see something one of the Golden Girls might have worn to a meeting. Here’s the thing: this jacket would have looked very cute on someone a little younger than me, but on an almost 45-year-old, I think it kind of looks a little “old.” Know what I mean? I think I’d just have preferred a blazer style. I can see how it might have been fine with distressed jeans and black ankle boots, but I really don’t think I could dress this one up without looking about 20 years older than I am.

Verdict: Sent it back



5. Daniel Rainn ‘Wyley’ Shirt Dress ($78)

At first I thought this dress was a little strange when I pulled it out of the box, but once I tried it on I “got” it. It has a form-fitting cobalt blue stretchy slip-type dress underneath, and the top layer is a breezy, sheer blue-purple patterned loose shirt dress over the top. The blue slip part came well over the knee, and the sheer part came to just above the knee. I was really flattering, but kind of complicated to put on and adjust so it looked good. I’m not much of a “complicated dress” type person, so even though it was pretty, I didn’t go with this one.

Verdict: Sent it back



All in all, as I said above, this Fix was super fun and stylish. I loved everything except for the jacket, but I really do think I would’ve liked the jacket with jeans and on a younger person. So, yeah, I didn’t keep anything from this fix and my $20 styling fee went kaput, but I still had fun. Plus, each time I get a new Fix I learn a little more about what styles I like and what I don’t, as well as what’s flattering on me and what’s not.


If you’ve been reading my blog you know how much I enjoy my Stitch Fix (and Rocksbox!) subscriptions. I highly recommend them both! I’d love to try out some new ones, too. I’ve heard of Le Tote and a few others but don’t know anyone who has used them. Leave a comment if you’ve tried subscription services other than Stitch Fix and Rocksbox and what your experience was.



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