Striped Dress + Denim = Red, White, and Blue

I wanted to go a little patriotic today, so I started with a base of mostly white with black stripes and then added some blue and red. Here’s how it turned out.

This is another one of those looks that may not have been super-flattering, but it was very comfortable and was great to teach in. I loved the addition of the jacket because it helped define my waist a little bit and gave me POCKETS! Any way to add pockets to a pocket-less outfit is A-okay in my book. This would’ve also been great for a weekend day of running errands or going to kids’ events. Always good to have another mom-uniform option, right?


Source Info — Dress: Striped Maritime Dress, currently on sale for $39.99 (J.Crew Factory); Denim Jacket: just an old one; Necklace: Campari Color Statement Necklace, $36 – but get 20%off with promo code EVERYDAYJEN20 (; Shoes: Converse All Stars in Chili Paste color (I had to find these on eBay because I couldn’t find this color in my size anywhere)

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