Red Waxed Cargo Jacket + Snakeskin Shoes

It’s GAME DAY, y’all! Our school colors are red, black, an white, and usually I wear a school tee for cazh Friday, but today I decided to show my school colors without dressing down as much.

This jacket is from an old Stitch Fix and it’s a Menzell “waxed” cargo jacket. I’m not sure what a waxed jacket is other than it reminds me a bit of how a rain coat feels, but not as slippery. At any rate, it looks pretty cool and the red really pops against black and white.

Then did you see the shoes? Those are the supremely awesome snakeskin Dr. Martens I got a month or so ago. Love, love, love them!


Here’s a slightly different angle so you can see the Docs a little better. Did I mention how much I like them? 😉


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