What to Wear for Parent Teacher Conferences + Lularoe Review!

On most regular school days, I try to balance the line between teacher-casual and comfortable-professional (is that evena thing?). However, on parent-teacher conference days, I like to dress up a little. Kicking the dress code up a notch always seems to ratchet up my professionalism, confidence, and makes it easier for me to fake being an extrovert.

I just went to my first Lularoe party last Saturday, and luckily, I found the perfect skirt for P/T conferences. It’s stretchy and oh, so comfy; but at the same time the bold stripes make it professional and confident. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the wine color is so on trend right now.

All I have is a top-down photo because I was running late and didn’t have time to set up the tripod (can’t keep the parents waiting!).


This Lularoe Cassie skirt worked perfectly with a black turtleneck sweater and black Frye veronica slouch boots. I also threw on a big black tassel necklace but you almost can’t see it in this photo. Size M worked great for me.

Now on to my other Lularoe purchases!

In addition to the Cassie skirt featured above, I also picked up a pair of the famous Lularoe One Size (OS) leggings. The minute I tried them on I knew what all of the buzz surrounding Lularoe is about. They are EXQUISITE! So soft, the perfect amount of stretch, so soft, gorgeous colors, and did I mention how soft they are? Speaking as someone who has only worn workout pants before, these leggings were absolutely blissful! I will definitely be getting a few more pairs in the future.


Then I also got a long Joy vest (size S worked for me). I wore it to church with the Cassie skirt, my black Scarlet & Gold Shop “Give Grace muscle tee, and some peep toe ankle boots. I’ll throw in a few photos so you can see it from different angles. Kind of hard to see against the black shirt and dark skirt. Can you tell it was a really windy day when I was shooting these photos?




Then I also picked up 2 Lularoe Irma tops: a black one in size M and a wine/cranberry colored one in size L. The size L Irma is reeeeeeaaaallly large on me (they’re meant to be large to begin with), but I am going to experiment with belting it and knotting it to take in some of the extra fabric. I don’t have a photo of those two tops, but here’s a generic picture of the Irma so you can see it. It’s perfect with leggings because it has a high-low hem that gives you loads of coverage.


All in all I was impressed with the Lularoe clothes. There were a few cute dress styles, several more shirt styles, and then also an a-line skirt and a maxi skirt. I really wish you could look at all colors/patterns available and just shop online, but I understand that takes away some of the “fun of the hunt” that has contributed to their clothing parties’ popularity.

If you have a chance to go to a Lularoe party, DO IT! I was put into a few Lularoe Facebook groups by friends and have seen a few of the online sales, but I waited to pull the trigger because I’ve heard that the sizing can vary so much from one person to the next. I’m so glad I did. I tried on at least one of practically every style, so now if I am in an online Lularoe party and see a really cute pattern, I’ll know my sizes and I can jump on it without worry.

Warning: I have been told Lularoe is slightly addictive. I can totally see how this could happen.  🙂

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