Rocksbox #10 Review + Promo Code!

Can’t believe I’m already up to my 10th Rocksbox set! This one I kept for several weeks rather than returning quickly for a new set. Check out what I received:


Here are the individual pieces in this set.

1. Elise M “Sequoia” necklace (Member’s Price $40)

The abalone and druzy stones in this layered necklace are to die for! They’re earthy, yet edgy. Set off with the gold chains, they pop when wearing dark or light colors. Gorgeous! I just may have to pony up to buy this one….haven’t decided yet.



2. Slate “Ravi” necklace (Member’s Price $50)

This necklace was also really, really pretty! The gold is warm and it’s hard to tell, but the spikes have a little bit of texture to them so they don’t blind too much glare. It adds a soft edge to the tough, spiky pattern. This piece is so versatile — looks great with everything from tees to button-down collared shirts to sweaters. This is another one I’m seriously considering keeping.



3. Kendra Scott “Dee” earrings in black (Member’s Price $42)

These earrings are really pretty and have a classic, yet modern feel. And, of course they go with everything in elegant black. Although they’re very pretty and are nice and light on my ears when I’m wearing them, they’re not calling out to me to keep them. I will probably regret sending them back just because they really would be timeless staples in any jewelry box.



Rocksbox Promo Code: JENNYMBFF9

Giveย Rocksbox a try for free by enteringย promo code JENNYMBFF9 when you sign up. You’ll receive one free month when you do. I’ve truly enjoyed Rocksbox and love how you can essentially rent three fabulous pieces of jewelry and keep swapping them out. If you decide to keep receiving sets, the fee is just $19 per month, and you can cancel any time. You can opt to purchase any of the jewelry they send at a discounted “member’s price,” and Rocksbox also kicks in $10 per month toward anything you buy. Shipping and returns are free and easy, and the whole she-bang is two thumbs up in my book. Give it a try!


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