Feeling the Fall Colors

We are well into fall now and I’m still excited about this year’s super-hot colors: wine, forest green, mustard, and some other fourth color that I can’t recall right now. Today I was experimenting with some of these colors with the same basic shirt (a wine colored waffle-knit tee from Old Navy) and jeans (basic lightly distressed blue jeans from Kohl’s) in the first two photos, and then some other pieces in the second two.

1. This outfit hits all of the four (well, okay, THREE) colors although the mustard color is very subtle in the scarf.



2. This outfit features the mustard and wine, but omits the green.



3. This outfit features that fourth fall color that I couldn’t remember above: PUMPKIN SPICE! (How could I ever forget pumpkin spice?)



3. This last outfit features a Tar-zhay sweater that incorporates ALL FOUR of these awesome fall colors. The pumpkin spice is very understated and almost blends in with the mustard, but it’s there.



What are your favorite fall colors this year? I have to say my favorite would have to be all of the pretty fall colors together. Nothing can compare to the show of color in the trees these last few weeks: God is great!





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