Warm, Cozy Fall Layers + Bean Boots Review

It’s getting pretty chilly out there, so I’ve been throwing on a few extra layers lately. Today I’m wearing my gorgeous, soft, cozy, comfy Lularoe leggings (I SOOOO need a few more pairs of these!) along with a denim shirt, a chunky knit cardi, and my new Bean Boots (see my review below).


Doesn’t it look sunny and warm out? You’d never know it was about 37 degrees. Brrrrr.


If I get too hot at school, I can just take off the cardi. My teeth were chattering here, so I very promptly put it back on.


And now for these boots. Oh, boy, are they amazing!!! Β A couple of years ago I bought some Sorel Caribou boots and they are great for when it’s freezing and snowy, but they’re super heavy and a bit clunky. I really, really wish I had just bought some insulated Bean Boots. The pair I bought and am wearing in this photo are not insulated. I really needed some rain/mud/fall style boots to take out my doggie in the chilly, mucky weather. BUT, I will be the first to admit that although I’ve had these for about a month, I’ve worn them more for style than for function. Oh, and I highly recommend buying the “Bean Boot Socks” from LL Bean as well. They’re super cushy, warm, and snuggly. They’re thick, but breathable. When I wear them with my boots my feet are toasty warm even on colder days. I don’t know if it would be enough to tromp around in the snow on a subzero day, but that’s what my Sorel Caribous are for.

Do what the LL Bean website and boot buying guide says, though, and size down. They say to size down one full size, and if you are between sizes, go down 1.5 sizes. I wear a 10.5 in some shoes and an 11 in others, so I bought a 10 thinking I would want them to be a little loose so I could wear them with big, cushy socks. They fit like a dream. I was surprised at how comfortable they were to walk in as well. They’re light on my feet, they grip like nobody’s business, and my feet feel cushioned.Β est of all, they really required ZERO breaking in to feel great on my feet.

I’ve seen them tied a lot of different ways (corkscrew ends, loose/open, tied all the way up, and tied part of the way up. I went with the “part of the way up” style, leaving the very top holes unlaced. I think they look a little cuter this way on me than having the tops laced tightly. I have no idea how to do the corkscrew knot — maybe I’ll Google that another time. But for now, these boots are perfect for me. Two thumbs (and two big toes) up!

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