Rocksbox #11 Review + TWO (count ’em: 2!) Promo Codes

Today I’m featuring my 11th Rocksbox set. This one was really pretty, but I didn’t end up keeping any of the items. And, although I did really like everything in the set, I didn’t end up keeping this trio very long.

Here’s the whole set:



Here are the deets:

1. Sophie Harper multi-layered ball chain (Member’s Price $50)

This necklace was really pretty and would definitely go with a lot. I liked the different styles of chains, and they were a nice warm gold color that wasn’t too shiny. My only problem with this necklace is that it kept twisting up around my neck area. When I straightened it out and untwisted it, it looked really pretty (see photo of me wearing it below), but most of the time it was a little too twisted and tangled to look the way I wanted it to.




2. Gorgana “Kate” chevron cutout cuff (Member’s Price $57)

If there were any pieces in this set that I was tempted to buy and keep, it was this one. I am a huge chevron fan in general, and the chevron cutouts on this necklace were really, really cool. You could bend the necklace to adjust it, so I really didn’t think the chain part was necessary, but it added a nice little “dangle” if you know what I mean (maybe you don’t — that sounded weird…). Anyway, you could wear this bracelet alone or with just about any other type of bracelet or watch. In the second photo I paired it with my Miero.




Here it is on my arm, this time with my cork and gold Mieroglyph bracelet. If you remember from this past summer, this is the cork magnetic cuff bracelet that comes with inspiring quotes on the inside of the band. I had mine customized (which is free, by the way!) with my own favorite Bible verse — Isaiah 40:31. (Get your own at and use promo code TEACHERSTYLE10 for 10% off!)



3. Kendra Scott “Alex” earrings in chalcedony (Member’s Price $46)

These earrings, like everything Kendra Scott, were so, so pretty. I loved the shape and the light gold of Kendra Scott earrings and necklaces is always so exquisite. I didn’t end up wearing these as much as I thought, mainly because I feel like they give off a “summery” vibe, and right now I am off the deep end into all things fall. Had these been in a more autumn-y shade, I’d have been all over them.




As promised, here is the second promo code in this post. Entering JENNYMBFF9 when you sign up for Rocksbox will get you one free month!

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