Favorite Cardigan

This olive cardigan from Target has gotten me more compliments from colleagues, friends, Instagram followers, etc., than any other single item in my entire fall wardrobe. I think it’s because the cut is right for this fall (squared around the bottom, pockets, chunky knit) and the color is so warm and…well…FALLy.


In this top down view you can get a good idea of the cut, shape, and material. Perfect. The necklace I’m wearing is an  is from my 10th Rocksbox. I sure loved that one!! Speaking of Rocksbox, you can try it for free with promo code JENNYMBFF9.


These peep toe wedges are from Payless, and the jeans are Levi’s boyfriend jeans from T.J. Maxx.


For this photo I swapped out the necklace for something a little more structured (the Slate “Ravi” necklace, which was also from my 10th Rocksbox set) and added my Saved by the Dress leopard clutch.

Too bad I hadn’t yet put any makeup on when I shot these photos. Oops.

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