Stitch Fix #26 Review!

Hip hip hooray, it’s a Stitch Fix day!! This particular Fix was great, and I admit I was tempted to buy the whole set. I restrained myself, though — Christmas shopping for me begins next week and I need to really watch my budget this time of year. Here’s what my stylist sent this time.

1. Market & Spruce ‘Auria’ Embroidered Dress ($74)

I loved the perfect orange-red fall floral pattern of this dress from the moment I laid eyes on it in my Stitch Fix box. I didn’t think I would like the dress when I held it up, but I popped it over my head….and it was like the clouds parted and the angels began to sing. Yes, it is THAT awesome! Don’t you love the embroidery around the hemlines? I can’t wait to wear it with different jackets, cardis, and maybe even with a turtleneck and leggings on a cold winter day. Super-cute! I plan on wearing it for our family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Verdict: Kept it!



2. Moda Luxe ‘Brooks’ Crossbody Bag ($58)

This bag had 4 features I adore: gold hardware, a crossbody strap, a unique color (mustard), and it was soooo buttery soft. The only thing I didn’t adore was the shape. It was sort of square-ish on the bottom and I thought it would have been much cuter if it had either been rounded along the bottom OR maybe if it were a little lengthier vertically so the shape was more of a tall rectangle. It was cute enough that if I were going to get everything else in the set I would have taken this too for the price.

Verdict: Sent it back



3. Liverpool ‘Mira’ Skinny Jean ($78)

These jeans fit me perfectly and the stretchy material was thick and held its shape really well. If they were any thinner I’d say they were more like jeggings, but the material really is that of jeans. They were a tad too long for me (I will have to get them tailored if I want to wear them ankle length), but they looked really flattering on. One kind of strange thing is that they don’t have a zipper or button/snap in front — they have a wide elastic band for the waist. K know this probably conjures up visions of maternity pants, but they’re still unbelievably flattering, even from the front. This photo shows them lying on the floor and they’re so inky black it was hard to make any of the details visible, but I’ll wear them and get a good shot another day.

Verdict: Kept them!



4. Laila Jayde ‘Wilson’ Cowl Neck Knit Top ($58)

This top was cute and fit me really well. It was soft and comfortable and could easily be dressed up or down. One negative was that the gray part in the front was very sheer — a tank or cami would be required. Even though it was very cute, I really don’t like wearing a shirt beneath another just because of sheerness (I’d rather steer clear of sheer shirts altogether, frankly).

Verdict: Sent it back



5. Brixon Ivy ‘Lawley’ Cable Knit Open Cardigan

The color and cable knit pattern of this medium-length cardi were spot-on. It had large pockets in the front as you can see, and although I LOVE pockets in general, I didn’t think these made the sweater look very good since it made the front part of the sweater heavy and stiff where the extra pocket fabric was (basically the entire lower half of each front side). I would also have preferred if this cardi were a little longer: it was too long to be a “regular” length and too short to wear with leggings. Another nail in the coffin for me was that the material was sort of coarse and not at all soft.

Verdict: Sent it back



What’s Stitch Fix?

New to Stitch Fix? It’s like having your very own personal stylist, only better because you don’t have to go anywhere or have anyone come to you. For a $20 styling fee, your Stitch Fix stylist will send you 5 pieces (clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.) customized to your style based on your answers to a questionnaire. You can also share a Pinterest board with them to give them more insight into your style. That’s what I do and my stylists are always great at sending items that are very “me.” You can choose to buy any or all of the items, or you can send it all back: shipping is free and they include a postage-paid bag for easy returns. If you buy all 5 items, you get a 25% discount. Plus, the $20 styling fee you paid is credited toward any purchases you make from your Fix.

I’ve been receiving Stitch Fixes for several years now. I love that you can decide how often you want to receive them. Sometimes I have them sent monthly, sometimes every other month. Once when I had a special occasion I had them sent every other week twice in a row to have a few more options to choose from. You can even schedule a one-time Fix: that’s how I did it the first time to see if I’d like it.

I highly recommend Stitch Fix to anyone who is too busy to shop for new styles, or to anyone who just likes the idea of having fun clothes and accessories sent to them to try on in the privacy of their own home. It’s really a lot of fun.

Visit Stitch Fix for more information or to sign up!


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