Shop Everyday Teacher Style….New Items + Grand Opening on Friday!

UPDATE: The Everyday Teacher Style Store is now closed — sorry! 🙁

Hey, everybody! My store is set to open on Friday! Just in time for your holiday shopping, no? And of course I’m going to hook you up with a discount. When the store opens on Friday, if you shop between Friday and Sunday, 11/27, enter promo code BLACKFRIDAY2016 for $5.00 off of your order of $40! And if you shop between Monday, 11/28, and Sunday, 12/4, enter promo code CYBERMONDAY2016 for that same deal. Enjoy!

I am so, so excited about some of the new items I’ve just added to my store.  I spent some time this week dreaming up ideas, and I will admit they are all items I’ve been wishing I could find somewhere for the last few years. Take a look!


The Snow Day Collection

If you’re a teacher, or a student for that matter, snow days are some of the sweetest surprises winter has to offer. Now you can celebrate in style with a Snow Day tee, and warm up after sledding or shoveling with your favorite hot beverage in this cute Snow Day mug.  These are American Apparel (soooo soft and high quality!) unisex sizes so they’ll be loose and comfy for those glorious snow days.

I want to find some white and black or red striped jersey pajama bottoms to wear with mine! I had something like these from Mindy Mae’s Market in mind. I bought the black ones but it was really, really hard to decide…can’t wait until they arrive!


Casual Friday Collection

Then another tee I’ve been looking for but not finding exactly what I want is a “Casual Friday” tee. In my store I set it up so you can order 5 different colors! No more searching through my closet for a cute tee to wear on Fridays at school (and finding nothing). These are American Apparel women’s tees with a slight scooped neck. Pah-fect for workweek casual Fridays — or any other Fridays for that matter.

ZZZ Collection

And let’s not forget a new pillow that I created to celebrate one of my faves besides snow days: NAPS! It’s a square decorative pillow that would look so cute on a couch or bed. On one side is “ZZZ” for when you’re feeling snoozy. Then on the other side is “!!!” for those days when you need some get-up-and-go. The pillow is graphic white with black to go with any decor. It looks amazing! Here are the front and back sides:


Oh, and I received some of the samples of my products and I love them! Here’s my Rock, Roll, & Read mug as an example:


Haha, I guess this is what you would call a “mug shot”!

Here’s the back side of the mug with the Everyday Teacher Style logo and tagline:



And did I mention it’s the 15-oz size! Ahhh, more coffee.



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