Super-Soft Suede Tassel/Feather Necklace + Boho Betty Promo Code!

Check out this Seshat Suede Feather Necklace I just got from Boho Betty USA (and scroll all the way down for a 20% off promo code to shop all of their adorable accessories!).


The suede is SO soft and feathery. I guess that’s why they call it a “suede feather necklace.”  But seriously, it kind of floats on the air a little when you walk, and it’s very light to wear (don’t you hate it when your necklace starts making you slouch with its weight?). It also comes in a gray color (called the Tawaret Suide Feather Necklace), but I am totally in love with this tan-cream color.

I wore it with all neutral colors for the sole purpose of making it the feature of the entire outfit:


Isn’t it pretty? It’s super-cute with fall styles, and I am looking forward to wearing it with icy blue, white, gray, and cream outfits this winter as well.


Source Info — Necklace – Boho Betty USA; Jeans: Catherine boyfriend jeans by Kut from the Kloth; Sweater: from a Gap outlet store a few years ago; Ankle Boots: Clarks Mission Philby


Boho Betty sells cute boho style bracelets and accessories. They have some adorable clutches and necklaces — and you won’t believe the variety of beautiful beaded wrap bracelets. Visit Boho Betty USA and enter promo code EVERYDAYTEACHERSTYLE to get 20% off of your order!



Disclaimer: I am a Boho Betty affiliate, so using my promo code may result in me getting a little kickback. Thanks in advance if you do purchase using my code! 🙂



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