Lulu, how I love you!

I have pretty much gravitated to almost 100% Lululemon when it comes to workout clothes. I have a pair of Athleta Chaturanga stripe capris, a few alternate brand tank tops, and a pair of Lorna Jean crops, but other than that, when I want to get my sweat on, Lulu is my go-to.

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I hadn’t bought anything new for a while (because….well, as you know, Lulus can be a bit pricey). Every now and then I check out their What’s New section (which features newly uploaded styles every Tuesday night in case you didn’t know) and their We Made Too Much section (which updates on Thursdays) to see if there is anything I can’t live without. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for my budget I guess, I found a few things a few weeks ago.

Here’s my haul:


An Energy Bra (from What’s New), two Sculpt Tanks (1 from What’s New and 1 from WMTM), and a pair of Wunder Under crops (from WMTM). I’ll break each item down so by color/pattern below.


The Energy Bra is in a new pattern called Shibori. It reminds me of a combination of tie dye and watercolor paints that have bled on paper. It’s really pretty and the black and white is always versatile.

Here’s a close-up of the Shibori pattern.


The WU crops are hi-rise and full-on Luxtreme, which I LOVE for kickboxing since it’s more “slippery” than the Luon. This pattern is called Obscurred Black Dusty Mauve (yes, I double-checked the spelling of “Obscurred” on the website so it is supposed to be like that). It’s hard to tell from the photo above, but some of the rose petals really are a very subtle mauve color. See if you can tell from this close-up below.


Next are the sculpt tanks.


This color is Bordeaux Drama. It’s not a new color: I have a pair of Wunder Under (Luon) tights from last year that are this same color. I love the silky, airy feel of Sculpt Tanks for both kickboxing and resistance training and mine have held up extremely well.


This Sculpt Tank color is Tofino Teal. This photo makes it look more blue, but in real life it’s more of a green blue. More teal, actually.

Both the teal and the bordeaux colors look great with the crops, but I especially love how the Bordeaux Drama color makes the hint of mauve in the crops pop out more.


Here’s a close-up.


Pretty, huh?

Until next time, Lulu. And unfortunately it’s going to be a while since I blew several months’ worth of workout wear budget all in one shot. :-/

Unless I get a Lulu gift card for Christmas, that is! Anyone? Anyone?

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