TIME for Christmas + a JORD Wood Watches Giveaway!


This watch! Oh, my goodness — I just can’t stop staring at it. It’s positively enchanting! The photo above was my view for a large part of today. Luckily, I didn’t run into anything except for one freshman.  😀

As you know if you’ve hung out with me here before, I love, love, love accessories. Accessories that are beautiful and stylish are great, but accessories that are beautiful, stylish, and useful are even better (think blanket scarves on a cold day).

This stunning JORD wood watch (from their Reece series) is quite possibly the most beautiful, stylish, and useful accessory I’ve ever worn.  Yep, that’s right — I said WOOD watch. I just received it yesterday, and I’ve gotten so many compliments and comments about it. Everywhere I went today, people were asking me where I got this watch and saying how much they liked it. Oh, and it’s totally teach-worthy. My students loved it too, by the way. 🙂

It single-handedly makes an outfit. See?






There are so many things I love about this watch!

  • It’s absolutely GORGEOUS! So stylish and unique – everyone noticed it and raved about it today.
  • It’s real wood! Mine is zebrawood with maple links.
  • The face is a rectangle! I love accessories that are unique and different from what “everyone else” wears.
  • The bright metallic emerald face is so cheerful.
  • It’s comfortable to wear (they sized mine for me and it’s a perfect fit!).
  • The JORD company is located in St. Louis, just a stone’s throw away from central Illinois!
  • The packaging and presentation is to.die.for.


My watch came in this beautiful wood box, comfortably nestled in with a JORD pillow. It would make the best gift ever because the presentation makes it seem so special.


This awesome box not only makes for an impressive opening, but it also has a special pull-out drawer that can be used for storing little things (and it came with anti-humidity stuff to protect the watch in more humid environments).


You can even get both the watch and the box personalized with engraving if you like! JORD has a wide variety of styles, colors, and types of wood, so you can get a watch that truly fits your style (like my Reece in Zebrawood & Emerald). They have both women’s styles and men’s styles, and I can tell you that when I received my watch my two older sons (age 16 and 20) both hopped online immediately and were drooling over the guys’ watches.



Want to win your own wood watch?  JORD’s holiday giveaway is going on now through December 16th (SO HURRY UP, you’ve only got one week!!). Get in it to win it, baby. Just click the giveaway link, choose the watch you’d like to win, and enter your name and email address. Simple as that.


Note: This is a sponsored post. JORD kindly gifted me this beautiful watch in exchange for sharing my honest opinion. Turns out, my honest opinion of this watch is that it is AMAZING! It is hands-down my favorite watch of all I’ve ever owned, including my beloved Swatch watches from high school. And those of you who knew me in high school know how much I loved those sweet Swatches.

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