Teacher-Worthy Holiday Gift Card Guide

Image Credit: Amy Miller Designs

Image Credit: Amy Miller Designs

Times running out to get that Christmas gift shopping in before the fat man comes, so I thought I’d share some ideas for those looking for the perfect gift card for their kids’ teachers.

First, let’s discard the notion that gift cards are impersonal. Okay, maybe they’re not as personal as a hand-painted self portrait from little Susie, but I can guarantee they are appreciated just as much. If not more. Just sayin’.

I’ve collected direct links to purchase gift cards at all of the retailers below. Bonus: Many of the links below offer both physical gift cards as well as e-gift cards and printable gift certificates, which are great if you’re in race against the clock to get that teacher gift together before Christmas break.

Here are some gift cards that are TOTALLY teacher-worthy:

1. Special Treats for Teachers

We all know that teachers don’t make a lot of dough. Sometimes that means cutting out treats and non-essentials, so treat-oriented gift cards are a real….uh, treat.


2. Teacher Clothes and Accessories

Many teachers like to update their teaching wardrobe, so gift cards to places that offer teach-worthy clothes are much appreciated.

  • Loft (they have a teacher discount as well!)
  • Kohl’s (budget-friendly and offering a wide selection)
  • Charming Charlie or Francesca’s  (my teacher friends all consider a trip to Charming Charlie or Francesca’s on par with a snow day)
  • Stitch Fix (great for busy professionals!)
  • Rocksbox (also great for busy professionals!)
  • Don’t forget local boutiques and sellers!

3. Health and Wellness

Teaching is very stressful and I know firsthand how run down teachers can get. Gift cards for rejuvenation and wellness services and gear are a great idea!

4. Classroom Supplies

Everyone knows teachers spend a lot of out-of-pocket money on supplies for their classrooms. Gift cards can help ease this burden.


Gift cards are great because the less creative among us (people like me!) can stick that gift card into a card, sign it, and be on our way. Or, the more creative types can whip up some special way to box or package the gift card. A quick “gift card holder” search on Pinterest yields an infinite number of possibilities!


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