A New Way to Wear a Blanket Scarf!

Today I wore a blanket scarf…..wait for it….as a BLANKET! I simply wrapped it around my shoulders just the same way I do when I’m cuddling up in front of the TV (or my computer) at home when I’m cold. When I walked by my mirror, it wasn’t half bad so I went with it!

It’s entirely possible that people have been doing this for a while and I’m just really late to this particular party, but I sure haven’t seen anyone I know doing this yet. They should! I think it looks okay, and better yet, it keeps you warm and toasty on cold days. Plus, you don’t have that annoying problem of your shoulder-length-or-longer hair getting bunched up around your neck with the bulky blanket scarf folds. Or maybe that only happens to me? At any rate, here’s how it looked.


Source Info — Blanket Scarf: $9.99, Walmart; Sweater: $19.99, Costco (last year); Leggings: Wunder Unders in Bordeaux Drama from Lululemon (last year); Boots: Veronica Slouch from Frye; Necklace: Jenny Bird from a recent Rocksbox set [hey, you can use promo code JENNYMBFF9 to try your first Rocksbox set for free!]


This tunic-length black/white sweater is another Costco find. The one I wore on Tuesday is from this fall, but the one I’m wearing today is from last winter. If you go to Costco now and then like I do, keep your eyes open for great finds! I’ve gotten jeans, chambray and flannel shirts, and more than a few sweaters there. It’s a great place to look for basics.

Don’t you think this looks good? It really puts the focus on the pretty pattern and colors of the scarf and lets everything else sort of serve as a backdrop. This look is perfect for some of the gorgeous blanket scarves that seem to be everywhere this fall and winter. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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