Rocksbox #13 Review + Promo Code


‘Allllo, Poppet! Yeah, just watched Pirates for the 24,000th time. I do love that movie. Anyway, today I’ll be sharing the pieces I received in my 13th Rocksbox set. This time the pieces were all spot-on “my” style. I’ve worn each quite a bit and this is another set that I’m going to have to keep a little longer while I decide if I’m going to be purchasing any of the items. Here’s what I received this time:

1. Slate Marble Triangle Necklace (Member’s Price $41)

This necklace is eye-catching, yet subtle. It’s also modern, yet classic. The white marble goes with absolutely everything and fits both summer and winter styles (probably spring and fall, too, but it screams summer and winter to me most of all). It’s not too heavy, which I love, and even better, the triangles are all attached to each other so they can’t get twisted and tangled up while I’m wearing it. (Am I the only one who has terrible troubles with layered necklaces getting twisted?)


Here’s what it looks like with a tee and cardi:



2. Kendra Scott “Elisa” Necklace in Rose Gold Drusy (Member’s Price $52)

Right away when I saw this necklace I assumed it was something I would buy. I love the Elisa necklaces — they’re so dainty, yet stunning. They add that perfect pop of color at the neck of button down shirts, tees, or sweaters. The rose gold druzy is gorgeous and catches the light. Check it out:


The only downside is the rose gold and drusy must all blend into my skin tone really well, because from a distance, they disappear into my skin. Take a look at the picture below and see what I mean:



3. Kendra Scott “Julian” Earrings in Gold (Member’s Price $51)

These earrings are simple and elegant. They really look nice with my (wide, square) face shape because they sort of elongate the face a little. They are great with up-dos because you can see them, but they’re also pretty with long hairstyles as well. The only trouble I’ve had with them is the wire got hooked on a sweater I was wearing once and pulled right out. Then another time the earring somehow slid so far that it was able to be knocked out. Luckily, in both cases I saw the earring fall and was able to retrieve it immediately.



As I said before, this is a great set and any of these pieces would be timeless additions to a jewelry/accessories wardrobe.

Rocksbox for One Free Month!

Try your first Rocksbox set absolutely free using promo code JENNYMBFF9. You can cancel your subscription any time, so there is no risk. Here’s how Rocksbox works if you’ve never tried it. You fill out a style questionnaire that allows your Rocksbox stylist to select pieces that will mesh with your style. Your stylist will send you three pieces based on your questionnaire and the items on a Wish List you create. You can wear the pieces as long as you like and return them for a new set when you’re ready for a new set (a handy box and pre-paid shipping envelope are included so it’s a snap to make the switch). Or, you can purchase one or all of the items in your set (Rocksbox gives you a $10 credit toward purchases each month). A subscription to Rocksbox costs $19 per month. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you already know how much I love Rocksbox. It’s always a treat to see what’s in that little box and so much fun wearing an endless supply of stylish designer jewelry. Give it a try if you’re so inclined!


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