Fashionista Holiday Exchange

I am an avid Instagrammer as you know if you’ve ever visited Everyday Teacher Style there. Last March I challenged myself to post an outfit each day as sort of a way to step up my style game.

If you also follow the Instagram style bloggers, you know that there are lots of fun style challenges going on nearly all the time. I have never participated in a style challenge (yet) because I’m just not organized enough to plan ahead and pull together outfits that meet the style challenge prompts. I really want to try that sometime, though, because they seem like a lot of fun and many of them offer great prizes to participants.

Even though I’m not yet up for a style challenge, I did, however, sign up for a “Fashionista Holiday Exchange” (#fashionistaholidayexchange). It was hosted by several IG fashionistas, including the amazing Dinahย @stylishprofessor and Mandyย @musingsofashopaholicmama (sorry if I’ve left anyone out — I couldn’t find the original post with the exchange instructions and sponsors).

So anyway, once you sign up and fill out a gift questionnaire, they send you your “secret fashionista” along with her contact info and answers to the questionnaire. I drew the fashionable and cute Keisha @primarystyle81 this year! From reading Keisha’s questionnaire answers, I learned that she loves purple (and wears every color), Reese’s PB cups, White Cheddar Skinny Pop, Sharpies, Bic Crystal pens, and scrapbook paper.

I went shopping at Target and ended up putting together a purple-themed box of goodies. Well, I guess the Reecse’s and popcorn were not purple, but just about everything else was.

Here’s what I whipped up for Keisha:


The necklace, scarf, and purse tassel set look SOOOOO pretty together! Then I picked up a cute pencil bag and filled it with purple, pink, and blue Sharpies and Bics. I added some matching rolls of washi tape (maybe she can use them for scrapbooking?), a Reese’s Santa, and some White Cheddar Skinny Pop. Voila!


My #fashionistaholidayexchange gift

I sent Keisha’s gift out the second week of December, and about a week later I received my OWN gift from my fabulous Secret Fashionista Santa, Jill of @thestylegigi. It was perfect! Check it out:


Cute, huh? Here are some close-ups of my scarf, beanie, and the Kate Spade stickies.




So, yeah, I made out like a bandit! Thanks so much, Jill! I will definitely be participating in another secret “fashionista” Santa next year. Who knows, maybe I’ll even organize one of my own!


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