Another Pair of Lularoe OS Leggings

I got my first pair of Lularoe leggings about a month ago, and just recently my awesome sister Amanda sent me another pair for my birthday! The pattern is perfect: they’re black with light tan lines in various directions, and they’re noticeable, but very versatile due to the colors.

Here they are:


Source Info — Leggings: OS Lularoe; Sweater: Gap (old); L/S Tee: Target; Boots and socks: Bean Boots and Bean Boot Socks (LL Bean); Necklace: Sehat Suede Feather Necklace (s0ld out atΒ Boho Betty USA — but take 20% off of any of their other awesome accessories with promo code EVERYDAYTEACHERSTYLE)


And, yeah, about the headless photo…..let’s just say it was a bad, bad hair day. I worked on it some more after this photo but ended up just going with the good ‘ole pony tail at school because my messy mop was NOT cooperating.

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