Time to get Comfy-Cozy + Jord Watch Giveaway!

Hellllloooooo, Wednesday. I’ve been looking to step up my athleisure game lately. I have plenty of full-on workout tights, capris, and tanks, but none of them are really anything I’d wear out and about or even to hang out at home. My workout clothes are full of technical fabrics, compression, mesh, and pockets and absolutely serve their purpose while I’m working out, but aren’t really in the casual, drapey, soft athleisure style I’m pining for.

This slouchy, soft sweater-like knit top and these Nikes are my first two steps in the athleisure direction.

Source Info — Top: Softspun Knit Hi-Lo Top (Gap); Leggings: High Times 7/8 Pant in full-on Luon (Lululemon); Striped Tote: (Payless Shoes, no longer available); Kicks: Nike Women’s Roche One (mine are from Eastbay); Watch: Reece Series in zebrawood and emerald (Jord Wood Watches)


Gap Softspun Knit Hi-Lo Top

Can we talk about this Gap sweater-knit top? It’s in their “Softspun” line, which I had never tried before. And, uh, I can vouch for the fact that it is indeed SOFT. It’s not as thin as a tee, but not quite as thick as what you’d think of as a sweater. It’s called a “knit” top, but to me it really does feel more like a sweater. It’s hi-lo and just about the limit where I can wear it as a top over leggings and keep things mostly covered up. I got the color called “Dark Night,” which is a very dark navy. The top also comes in heathered medium blue, olive, and gray, and then it comes in a solid white or black as well. It drapes really well because it’s not as light as a tee and it does have a little stretch although it’s made to be drapey. Love it!

Above you can see the front view with a little of the flowy sides/bottom part. Below I took a shot from behind so you can see that they do cover the necessary areas, but only just barely. I have a long torso so if you have a short upper half, this top might come down a little farther for you. If you have a super-long torso, you may not want to wear this with leggings. Unless you’re more confident about those certain areas than I am, that is. πŸ™‚


Nike Women’s Roche One

And these shoes! I have been seeing a lot of people wearing black Nikes lately and they somehow have the stuff to take leggings and jeans up a notch even though they’re “running” shoes. I’ve been wearing them to and from the gym and getting a lot of compliments on them, so lately I’ve been wanting to wear them more for errands and here and there. Enter the need for a few more “athleisure” type tops like the one from the Gap. I really haven’t done a lot of running for the past few years since I switched over to kickboxing and resistance training, so I can’t speak to these shoes’ chops as running kicks. I can, however, say they’re really comfortable to walk around in and (here comes the TMI part…) the toe box is wide enough and unstructured enough that they don’t make my bunions feel squeezed or squish my toes together. Two thumbs up on these as well!


Jord Wood Watch Giveaway! TIME to enter! (See what I did there?)

Have you entered the Jord Wood Watch giveaway yet? Β As you know if you’ve visited the blog this week, I’ve partnered with Jord, the St. Louis-based company that makes the most beautiful wood watches, to bring you a watch giveaway. Now through January 9, you can enter to win one of their gorgeous watches. And it really is a win-win situation because even if you don’t win the watch, Jord will still be sending you a $25 gift certificate via email! How’s that for awesome! The Jord watch I’m wearing is their Reece series, and mine’s in beautiful zebrawood and has an emerald face. It really pops and I get so many compliments about it. Click to enter the giveawayΒ today!

























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