Fair Isle Top + White Jeans = Winter Perfection

I’ve never had a fair isle sweater before and I have always loved them. I’ve had my eyes peeled for one for a while, but never seem to find a fair isle pattern that jumps out at me. To tide me over until the day when I do find what I’m looking for, ย I haveย this cute waffle-knit fair isle long sleeve tee that I got from Old Navy a couple of years ago.

Source Info — Long sleeve thermal tee: Old Navy; White Jeans: ‘Catherine’ boyfriend jeans by Kut from the Kloth; Boots: ‘Mission Philby’ ankle boots by Clarks; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Micro Moto


You can’t see it that well in the photos, but the shirt has faded a bit from repeated washings, more so than most of my other shirts. It used to be a dark navy with bright orange, green, and yellow; now the navy has faded to sort of a heathered dark blue. It’s totally okay, though, because now it looks a lot more like a real sweater from a distance. An added bonus: this shirt is soft enough to sleep in like pajamas, so pretty much every day that I wear it I end up swapping out my pants for sweats and keeping this comfy shirt on to catch my ZZZs.

This top is cute with blue jeans, but I love how it pops against white jeans.

There are so many different variations of fair isle, and there is even quite a bit of variety in where the fair isle pattern is located on the sweater. Sometimes you see it only around the head and shoulders, and other times it’s all over like with my tee here. I love both styles and can’t wait to find just the right one for me someday.


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