Plaid and Stripes are the New Black

I hope your 2017 has so far been fabulous, relaxing, renewing, refreshing, and just plain awesome ! I know the new year is the time to try new things, experiment, improve, take risks, and all of that, but today I’m sticking with something that works: plaid and stripes.

For me, I guess this tried-and-true pattern mix is my way of remembering that even though it’s always good to grow, improve, and change, we should still keep the things that are working for us. Well, at least until they no longer work.

Here’s my take on the classic plaid blanket scarf and white/black stripes together:

Source Info — Plaid Blanket Scarf: you can get this color and pattern practically everywhere, but mine’s from Amazon; Striped long-sleeve tee: Target (probably Merona); Jeans: Kohl’s (from the Simply Vera Wang collection); Ankle Boots: Toms Desert Suede Wedge; Clutch: Old Navy

This pattern mix has become so ubiquitous, it’s not really even new or different anymore. Maybe it never really was, but one thing’s for sure — stripes are an awesome backdrop for plaid.

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