Rocksbox #14 Review

This Rocksbox set was a really good one because I received two sets of earrings that I had on my wish list. Then I also received a really pretty necklace that I hadn’t thought of asking for, but it turned out to be really versatile. It never hurts when you get three Kendra Scott pieces in the same set. Who doesn’t love Kendra Scott? A breakdown of each item and details follows, and there just might be a Rocksbox promo code in this post, too!


1. Kendra Scott “Bexley” Earrings in Burgundy Illusion (Member’s Price $63)

These earrings are absolutely stunning. They have just the right amount of sparkle and the warm gold emphasizes the edgy shape. The red is a deep, bright burgundy. The only negative is that they are a little on the heavy side. I wore them for a few hours and my ears were feeling a bit pulled. I don’t think I would want to wear them all day long to teach. That said, they are perfect for special occasions when you just have them on for a few hours.


2. Kendra Scott “Alex” Earrings in Gold Abalone (Member’s Price $55)

These earrings are absolutely stunning to look at. I’ve always loved the variation and shine of abalone, and these earrings do not disappoint. Like with the burgundy Bexley earrings above, the gold emphasizes their unique shape. I think I would have personally liked these earrings better if they were in the more “oval” shape that some Kendra Scott earrings are (like the Elle or Danielle earrings). This is only because I have a square jawline and the outward flare toward the bottom of these earrings seems to call out my jawline. Maybe it’s my imagination? In any case, I know I would have bought these if they were a different shape because they’re just beautiful on their own.


3, Kendra Scott “Devalyn” Necklace in Gold (Member’s Price $76)

This necklace was delicate but bold all at once. I love the bright sparkly gold of Kendra Scott’s pieces, and this chain featured the fleur de lis shape representative of the brand. It was perfect for layering and I could also double-wrap it. It looked great with long cardigans and sweaters as well as tunics. Well, it looked great with everything, actually — it’s just that I’ve been wearing a lot of long cardis and sweaters lately, so that’s what I wore this with most. I am thinking about buying this one just because it’s so versatile.

Here’s a closer look at the chain detailing:


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