Something’s Just Not Right Here….

Have you ever put on an outfit you thought was going to be amazing, but when you looked in the mirror, something was off? That’s how I felt about this outfit.

Now don’t get me wrong — I love all of the pieces of this outfit…individually. Together, I felt like it just wasn’t all that pulled together. So, I tried a few different variations.

Source Info — Jacket: 41Hawthorn ‘Londyn’ Knit Double Breasted Jacket (Stitch Fix); Striped Turtleneck (Target – It’s on clearance right now for just $4.88!); Jeans: Mavi Jeans ‘Adriana’ Ankle Lt Indigo Used Vintage  (Amazon great price – only $59!); Sneakers: Adidas Originals Superstars (sold out, from Asos; similar at Amazon)


1. Jacket Buttoned Up?

Nope, that’s not quite right either. In fact, this was a little worse. The distressed pants and sneakers are so casual, and a buttoned-up double breasted jacket doesn’t go with that casual vibe.


3. Added Leopard Scarf?

Naaaah, that’s not quite it either.


3. Ankle boots instead of sneakers?

Maybe a little better, but still seems like it needs something.


4. Ankle boots + buttoned up?

This is also pretty okay. I like how the jacket is more streamlined when it’s buttoned, and the sleek black ankle boots (Sam Edelman ‘Petty’ boots) suit it a bit better.


5. Ankle Boots + Buttoned Up + Leopard Scarf

Ah, I think this look was the best. The black boots are dressier  than sneaks, and the open jacket is a bit more casual against the distressed jeans. The leopard scarf adds a “seasonal” touch that works well (scarves always seem to look good with jackets).


All in all, I think another problem was that the jeans were a little too distressed for the jacket. Maybe a nice pair of sleek dark denim jeans? Ooooh, or what about black faux leather jeans? An idea for another day.



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