Stitch Fix #28 Review

It’s time for another Stitch Fix review! This time my stylist, Courtney, really made it hard for me. She sent 5 items that I loved and really were “me.” Unfortunately, I can’t ever afford to buy all 5 items in my Stitch Fix sets, so I made myself choose just one thing. Boooooooo. Anyway, here’s what I received this time. (More info on Stitch Fix at the end of this post.)

1. Look by M ‘Sammie’ Plaid Infinity Scarf ($34)

This scarf, like any good blanket scarf, was soft and warm. I liked the darker plaid pattern and it would have been a good addition to my accessory lineup because I don’t have any winter scarves in dark colors like these. I can see this scarf looking amazing with dark jeans and a white or light sweater. It’s an infinity scarf, which I don’t always find comfortable in a blanket scarf, but this one was light enough to not feel all bunched up around the back of my neck so it was a winner. I really would have loved to keep this.

Verdict: Sent it back


2. Just Black ‘Lara’ Distressed Skinny Jean ($88)

These jeans fit so well and were distressed just perfectly! I don’t like the distressed jeans that are shredded from top to bottom, and I especially hate the kind that have the horizontal slits up and down the legs (reeeeeeally not flattering for those of us with…um…wider legs). I loved the lighter color and the stretch of these jeans. Another good thing was that they did not gap too much at the waist. This is another problem I frequently have, but didn’t really experience with these jeans. If I didn’t already have a pair of light-colored distressed skinnies, I would have snapped these up.

Verdict: Sent them back


3. Colette ‘Chavez’ Pop Color Cuff Knit Top ($48)

Of course I loved this striped top: it has stripes! Anything stripe-y is my jam, and this was even sweeter because of the pops of red around the cuffs. The only thing I didn’t like about this top was that the sleeves were a little snug, and for a shirt that’s on the longer and flowy-ier side, I didn’t think this was super-flattering. Well, that and the fact that I already have about 4 black and white striped shirts.

Verdict: Sent it back


4. RD Style ‘Lois’ Turtle Neck Sweater ($88)

This sweater was so pretty and soft! I loved the length, the fit, and the turtleneck. It was cozy and beautiful, and if I didn’t already have a tunic-length sweater in exactly this same black-white heathered color, I would have bought this one. In fact, I have a feeling if Stitch Fix sends me this exact sweater in just about any other color, it may become my own (hear that, Stitch Fix?). πŸ™‚ If the price had been lower, I would have bought this one even though the color is similar to one I currently have just because this has a turtleneck and my other one doesn’t. But for $88, this one wasn’t for me. In this color. Today. Wink, wink.

Verdict: Sent it back


5. 41Hawthorn ‘Londyn’ Knit Double Breasted Jacket ($78)

Well, since I already told you at the opening of this post that I bought one item, and since the first four items listed here were ones I sent back, I guess you know I bought this jacket out of my set. It’s funny, because when I looked at it in the box, I wasn’t even going to try it on at first because it looked kind of plain and I thought it was odd that a double-breasted jacket was made in knit/sweatshirt type material. Fast forward to 5 minutes later after trying it on and I really got it. It’s comfortable and will be a great layering piece. I can wear it as a sweatshirt on those chilly days in my classroom or out and about running errands, and I will also be able to wear it as a lighter jacket in both spring and fall. I even plan on wearing it with jeans or shorts on chilly summer nights. I really do see myself wearing this all year round, and that’s why this beauty is now hanging in my closet.

Verdict: Kept it


All in all it was a great set, and as always, I had a blast trying on each of the items and parading around in front of the mirror in my room to see how they looked. Really wish that money tree in my back yard was ready to harvest so I could have kept them all this time. It’s all good, though – I am super-excited about the jacket I kept.


What is Stitch Fix anyway?

Stitch Fix is basically having your own personal stylist — whenever you want it, and within your own budget. When you sign up for Stitch Fix, they have you fill out a questionnaire that helps your stylist know more about your style, size, shape, and what types of clothes and accessories you’d like to be sent (if you have any in mind — I like them to surprise me most of the time!). You pay a $20 styling fee and then they mail you 5 items to try on at home. If you decide to keep any of the items, the $20 styling fee is applied to your purchase. If you decide to buy all 5 items, you get a 25% discount! You don’t have to buy any of the items, but there is usually one (or two!) item in the set that I end up purchasing. Whatever you don’t want you just drop into the enclosed mailing bag (prepaid shipping label already applied), seal it, and pop it into the mailbox to return. So simple and so fun!

Stitch Fix has really helped me get a better idea of what I like and what I don’t, style-wise. Plus, there have been quite a few items that I’ve ended up buying that I never even would have tried on in the store, but when I tried them on at home, I ended up loving. I’ve been receiving Fixes for over two years now and I love that you can change the frequency of your Fixes — or even stop them altogether — whenever you want. I usually get Fixes once a month, but sometimes I change to every other month. Last summer when I was trying to figure out what to wear to my class reunion, I received 3 Fixes at 2-week intervals!

If you’ve been wondering about Stitch Fix, why not give it a try!


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