10 Coolest Valentine’s Day Cards for School that Aren’t Homemade


10 Coolest Class Valentines


The fact that stores are already jam-packed with 24- to 30-count packages of cheap-o Valentine’s Day cards is testament to the fact that a lot of people don’t have the time, the dime, or the inclination to spend hours creating the perfect homemade Valentine’s Day cards for their kids’ school classes. Over the years we have gone that route a few times and it’s been great, but this year, like so many others, there just isn’t enough time to plan and execute something like that. Enter store-bought cards.

When I think of store-bought Valentine’s Day cards, I typically think of the postage stamp-sized flimsy pieces of cardboard showing a picture of the current hot cartoon character with a cheesy, sentimental speech bubble. Okay, I’ll admit to having bought those a few times when one of my sons really, really wanted to have a certain character on his VD cards (hello, Spongebob). But there are a lot of really cool options out there that you still have time to get if you order in the next week or so. Check ’em out!

Just for the record, let’s just all acknowledge that homemade Valentine’s Day cards are the sweetest, most sentimental, and when done with the help of (or by) super-crafty, uber-creative moms (so jealous of those gals, aren’t you?), the very coolest type of Valentine’s Day cards kids can bring to school for their classmates. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to (drumroll, please…….)

The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Awesome School Valentine’s Day Cards:

Most kids want to hand out valentines that have a little something extra. Each of these 10 super-cool valentines not only express the typical Valentine’s Day sentiments, but also give the recipient a little something extra. These range in price from $3 to $26 for packs of anywhere from 16 to 30.Β I think I am going to snap up the little army guy eraser valentines. Which ones do you like best?

1. Mad Libs Valentines

2. Army Guy Valentines with Soldier Erasers

3. Dinosaur Eraser Valentines

4. Flying Paper Airplane Valentines

5. Cootie Catcher Fortune Teller Valentines

6. Cheeseburger Valentines (with cheeseburger erasers!)

7. Etch-able Sweets Valentines

8. Foldable Sports Ball Games Valentines

9. Scratch & Sniff Foodie Valentines (with Googly Eyes!)

10. 3-D Metallic Puzzle Valentines

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