4 Late Winter – Early Spring Fashion Trends for 2017

Now that we are past Christmas and New Year’s, some new trends seem to be cropping up. I’m not up on all of the runway action, but these are colors and styles I’m seeing right now online and in the street. All of these trends are ones that can be easily incorporated into a teacher-casual or mom-casual wardrobe or even dressed up.

Actually, I’m not sure I’d call any of these “new” trends, but they are ones that have been pushed aside for the past few months as fall and holiday colors, plaid flannel, and blanket scarves took over. They feel fresh again, so it’s time to dig some of these items back out of your closet.


1. Blush-Pink Everything

Blush pink is really having a moment right now. I’m seeing it everywhere, from sweaters to bags to scarves and hats, and even shoes.


Blush Pink


2. Rose Gold Accents

Rose gold is always a good choice, but it has been quite an up-and-coming trend lately.


Rose Gold Trend


3. Stripes and Leopard Overtake Plaid

Fall and winter 2016 were all about plaid, whether it was flannel shirts or blanket scarves. While those items are still big, stripes and leopard (both separately and together) are starting to move ahead of the plaid for Winter/Spring 2017.


Stripes and Leopard Trend


4.Β Long Live Athleisure!

Lately I’ve been seeing all kinds of items with varsity stripes popping up. Plus, now more than ever, sneakers are being worn with casual and even not-so-casual outfits. Leggings are continuing right along with this trend, thank goodness. I sure hope thisΒ one sticks around for a long time.


Athleisure trend


What are some looks you’ve noticed trending lately?

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