Casual Weekend Outfit featuring the ETS Rock, Roll, & Read Tee

Source Info — Rock, Roll, & Read Tee: $25 (Everyday Teacher Style store); Leggings: High Times Pant, $98 (Lululemon); Sweater: Costco, no longer available; Shoes: Nike Roche One, $75 (Amazon)


We had a few people feeling under the weather this past weekend, so on Sunday everyone stayed home to rest up instead of going to church or to run errands. I wanted to wear something warm and comfy, and I knew there might be some reading-on-the-couch sessions happening, so I put on this perfect tee from the Everyday Teacher Style Rock, Roll, & Read collection.


Another of my favorite comfy-cozy items is this Costco sweater: i’s so furry and soft. I get a surprising number of clothing items at Costco! Next time you’re there stocking up on toilet paper, take your cart on a spin through the clothes section. They also have cute jeans and athletic tops and pants for kids.

And here I am, reppin’ for reading! Every teacher needs one of these tees.


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