Stitch Fix #29 Review + $25 Off Stitch Fix, but HURRY, expires Feb 21, 2017


It’s been a little while since my last Stitch Fix review because I scheduled no Fixes in January. I needed to reign in expenses a bit and didn’t need the temptation so soon after Christmas. So anyway, my February Fix came the other day and I’ll show you all of the goodies my stylist sent.  Still not sure how it is possible that February is more than half over…..  Whoosh! Speaking of time flying, scroll down to the bottom of this email for more info about Stitch Fix and a link that’ll get you $25 off your first Fix!


1. Nine West ‘Reana’ Color Block Tote ($79)

I absolutely loved the shape and size of this cute tote. My stylist noticed that I had been pinning a ton of satchels and totes on my Pinterest Look Book board and this Nine West bag is exactly the style I was looking for. The only downside is I’m really not into brown right now. If this had been black and white, black and ivory, black and cobolt, black and gray, and really, black and just about any other color than brown, I would’ve been seriously tempted to keep this little beauty. Sadly, I’m not down with brown for spring and summer. Or even winter for that matter.

Verdict: Sent it back


2. Lila Ryan ‘Liza’ Colored Skinny Jean ($98)

These jeans were super-cute and flattering and I liked the level of stretchiness. Plus, they were a good length for me (my legs seem to be abnormally short for my size because most pants are far, far too long for me). I am loving olive colored items lately, and the color of these jeans is officially “Olive,” but to me they looked more….well…..muddy brown. I like a more green olive and these seemed to be a more muddy, swampy olive.

Verdict: Sent them back


3. Skies are Blue ‘Telly’ Textured Print Knit Top ($48)

This top was really pretty and I liked the embroidered (or embroidered-look) stripes. Black and white is always a “do” in my book and this top (like a tee, only dressier) fit well. If I didn’t already have a good selection of striped tees and tops, I’d have snapped this up. Oh, and even though it looks like it is cut in at the waist, it’s not: that’s just the way I laid it down to photograph it.

Verdict: Sent it back


4. Market & Spruce ‘Wilco’ Solid Quilted Vest ($68)

I’ve been seeing a lot of cute puffer vest outfits all fall, winter, and even going strong into spring. I think it looks really cute on other people, but I’m not really one for wearing heavier outerwear indoors. That and I don’t walk around outside wearing nicer clothes enough to warrant a dressier puffer vest. Plus, and I think you know what I’m going to say here….doesn’t this vest look a little BROWN? I think it would’ve been much cuter in a rich burgundy or maybe a deep navy blue. My Stitch Fix stylist must’ve been really feeling the brown this time.

Verdict: Sent it back


5. Evolution by Cyrus ‘Flora’ Zipper Detail Pullover Sweater ($98)

Now THIS is what I’m talking about! This sweater was the perfect shade of pale gray for winter and spring. I loved the cable knit pattern, and zippers on the sides made the look customizable: zip them for a more form-fitting, sleek look, or leave them unzipped for more of a loose tunic-y look. I tried this on with both leggings and skinny jeans and it looked amazing! It had a hi-low hemline so you can wear leggings with confidence. I was picturing this sweater with skinnies and a gorgeous pair of ivory-gray (putty colored, I guess) suede ankle boots like these which I do not own, but have been looking at a lot lately (the Dolce Vita Sutton booties in Light Grey Suede — ahhhh, so pretty!):

Anyway, I digress. Back to that gorgeous sweater. This time the only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger was the $98 price. Do I want to spend $98 on a sweater when I’m pretty sure my youngest son has outgrown every single pair of summer shorts? Well, maybe “want” is the wrong word. Yes, I wanted to, but that pesky little conscience of mine knew that if I got the (expensive, for me anyway) sweater then I would also want to get the boots to go with it. And just like when you Give a Mouse a Cookie, that could lead down a path of of the things that would look great with the sweater and the boots. So I put it back in the box. With a sniffle or two.

Verdict: Sent it back. Regretfully.

I tried (somewhat unsuccessfully, I see now….) to arrange it in ways that showed it’s unique features.


As always, this was a fun Fix. I do think it represented my “style” really well, if not necessarily the colors I’m liking right now. Except for that gray sweater — it was PERFECT. Boohoo.

$25 Off Your First Stitch Fix!

If you want to try Stitch Fix, now is a GREAT time! If you sign up using my link and schedule your first Fix by February 21, 2017, (HURRY, you only have a day or two depending on when you read this!), you’ll get $25 to spend toward the Fix.

If you’re new to Stitch Fix, it is basically a styling service that charges $20 to put together 5 pieces you’ll like based on your responses to a questionnaire (and on your Pinterest style boards if you share them with your stylist — I do and it really gives them good ideas about what you’ll love). They send you the five items and you can choose to purchase any or all of them or send them back in an included postage-paid bag. You can schedule Fixes as often or as infrequently as you choose (you can even just set up a one-time Fix). I sometimes get Fixes monthly, but sometimes every other month. Last summer when I was trying to get ideas for outfits to wear to my class reunion, I scheduled Fixes twice in one month. I have been doing Stitch Fix for several years now and still get all excited when I see that square box on my front porch.

Here again is my Stitch Fix referral link that’ll get you $25 off (it’ll also give me a $25 credit, so it’s a win-win!). Why not give it a try!

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